Best Fog Machines For Halloween

Best Fog Machines For Halloween

When it comes to Halloween, you can’t go half-in. It is one of the most popular holidays, behind Christmas and Thanksgiving, with people going all out to decorate their homes, taking spooky pictures and creating a playfully nightmarish environment to delight their friends and family.

What better way to ring in this creepy holiday than with a fog machine? These little devices can transform your ordinary living room or yard into a vampire palace or a smoggy mummy’s tomb, and all for a very reasonable price!

Having trick-or-treaters or your own children wading through thick clouds of smoke will only heighten their sense of the unknown. You will also certainly make sure neighbors extremely jealous by having one of the best displays on the block.

But in terms of practicalities, fog machines should be relatively easy to use. It should have a heating element that shouldn’t be too dangerous (especially if you’re planning on using it around children) with a filling system that won’t clog or use up too much of your fog fluid in one go.

Also, you’ll only be using your fog machine for one day of the year during Halloween (unless you plan on creating fog for Christmas), so ideally you’ll want a machine that will be able to function even after a long time in storage.

You’ll also want to make sure that the fog fluid produced isn’t toxic in any way.

But where can you find the best fog machines for Halloween? What features does a great fog machine need to have? What power should it produce to give you that consistent fog throughout? How much can you expect a decent fog machine to set you back in terms of price?

Well, Halloween enthusiasts don’t worry any longer, because we’ve got a comprehensive list of the best fog machines currently available on the market. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide that will help you discern the good foggers from the bad ones, along with some frequently asked questions.


Best Fog Machines For Halloween

ADJ Fog Machine, Fury 1000 II

Our first fog machine is one that you’ll find cropping up again and again on lists of best fog machines, it comes highly rated on Amazon and is a decently-priced unit with plenty of features, such as a yoke that you can mount to the wall. This will take only 5 minutes to heat up and start producing fog – introducing the ADJ Fog Machine, Fury 1000 II.

One of this machine’s main draws is the heating unit, which is very high quality considering the size of the model. It will churn out 4,000 cubic feet per minute, holding 30 ounces of water-based fog that will heat up within just a few minutes. This is a great consumer-grade machine that will fill an average living room in no time at all.

This fogger has great safety features, including the wall mount capabilities that will keep it out of reach of children. It has lights that will indicate when it needs refilling, when it is fully heated up and when you can start using it. You can also start to generate the smoke using a remote control, which will be very convenient.


  • This generates an impressive output of smoke, so if you want your Halloween party to get super spooky real quick, we would certainly recommend this unit.
  • This has plenty of great safety features such as the wall mount that will keep it from the reach of children and remote control that will allow you to turn it off if things get a little too smoggy.
  • The price – this is a medium-range fogger in terms of price, but we would certainly recommend that you spend a little bit extra for a quality smogger that won’t let you down.
  • This is very user-friendly and reliable. Ideally, you’ll want something that you can leave to run in the corner of your living room without having to worry about it overheating or burning the house down.


  • Some users have complained that this does not generate enough fog for long-term use, which might put off Halloweeners who want to leave it running all night.

Theefun 400W Smoke Machine

This next fog machine is one that is much cheaper, only outputting 2,000 cubic feet of smoke and fog per minute at a distance of about 8 feet, which is perfect for smaller rooms. This machine takes only 5 minutes to heat up, giving you a nice and quick setup for if you are expecting guests and are in a rush – introducing the Theefun 400w Smoke Machine.

This machine can hold 10-ounces of water-based fog and includes a wired remote control for the convenience of turning off and on from a distance. It also has a 90-day warranty, giving you that added reassurance in case it damages within the first few months of use. The output distance is very impressive and will give you good coverage.

This machine doesn’t take too long to heat up and many users have boasted about the safety of this unit and how that it won’t overheat and cause damage to their furniture, or more importantly, their children. This is the most suitable fogger for indoor use, making it perfect for use in a Halloween indoor grotto.


  • This is one of the best budget units on this list, a compact device that is easy to store and you can have tucked away neatly on a shelf or the corner of your room, which won’t cause trip hazards.
  • This is a great economical unit for Halloween, you won’t expend too much of your finances on a unit you’ll only be using one day a year.
  • You can store 10-ounces of water in this machine, meaning that you’ll have a unit that will run for much longer without having to worry about replacing the fluid or burning the machine out.
  • This machine is the lowest powered device on our list, making it not only cheaper but more compact and durable.


  • This is not the most high-powered machine, so if you are having a party in a larger hall or stairwell, then you might find yourself lacking in coverage and fluid capacity.

FM-1500W Fog Machine

Now we move onto a fog machine for the die-hard Halloween enthusiasts, with 1,500 watts of raw power and a 2-liter tank that will churn out 18,000 cubic feet of fog per minute. This should be reserved for those who take their Halloween decorations very seriously and want something that will last for at least a few hours, non-stop – introducing the FM-1500W Fog Machine.

This fog machine comes with wireless remote control, allowing you to manipulate the fog to whatever degree you want. Having this degree of control is perfect, having more than just an on/off capability, potentially ruining the ambiance of your Halloween shindig.

This has an impressive amount of power, having the ability to churn out 18,000 cubic feet of smoke, which is more than enough to cover the floor and surrounding areas if you are hosting your Halloween party in a large community hall. It has a trajectory of over 20 feet, which is perfect if you want total coverage.


  • This is the most powerful machine on our list, with over 1500 watts of power, you can churn out plenty of smoke over the duration of your Halloween gathering – your guests will be left wondering if the place really is haunted!
  • You can get plenty of floor coverage with this fogger, giving you that spooky waist-high floor covering.
  • This is one of the best-selling machines on Amazon, with hundreds of positive reviews, you can be sure that this device won’t let you down in the long run.
  • It has a larger capacity for fluids, meaning that you can run it for much longer, concentrating on spooking your guests instead of the running of your machine.


  • This fog machine will take up to 8 minutes to heat up, which might be frustrating for those that are in a rush to get their party started.

ADJ VF Volcano Fog Machine

Our next fog machine certainly lives up to its namesake, a powerful machine that you can use to blitz your home or kitchen area with plenty of spooky Halloween smoke, shooting the fog in an upward trajectory, much like a volcano. This model produces a very high volume of smoke, making it one of the best fog machines for the price – introducing the ADJ VF Volcano Fog Machine.

This machine takes just over 5 minutes to heat up and get going, with an easy-to-use interface that will inform you of its heat and volume levels with visible indicator lights. It also has an indicator that will tell you how much fluid is left in the tank. This will be important if you don’t have much time to check during a busy party.

This fog machine is one of the most powerful on this list, shooting smoke upwards. You can cover this with a papier-mache volcano and have the smoke mimic the flow of the eruption. You can operate this one indoors or outdoors, it will give you an impressive plume even in adverse weather conditions.


  • This is useful for operations indoors and outdoors, this will be able to withstand the harsh winds that might descend eerily on your Halloween party.
  • This is a professional level of fog generator that can be used for large scale parties and even concerts, so it should be able to provide more than enough coverage for your next Halloween bash.
  • This comes with a wireless remote that will make it very convenient to operate from the comfort of your own sofa.
  • You can set this one up to operate at the touch of a button, causing fog to shoot up fast into the air, so why not hide away from all your guests and jump out at them with a burst of fog for a spooky surprise?


  • This might be too expensive and high-powered for the more casual Halloween party thrower, who might not expect to use this machine more than one day a year.


Chauvet Hurricane 1800 FLEX Fogger

Last but certainly not least is a model of fog dispenser that comes with plenty of bells and whistles. This is perfect for anything from a small Halloween gathering to a big-budget Halloween disco. This has a sleek black look which will blend in perfectly with your dark decorations, with a flexible nozzle that dispenses fog in any direction you like – introducing the Chauvet Hurrican 1800 FLEX Fogger.

This fogger utilizes a residue-free dispensation, with a large water tank that you can use to house plenty of fog fluid for your needs with a fast-heating time. It has a controller that is wired, reaching an impressive 15-inches, with an LED illuminated fog tank that will indicate when it is full and when it needs refueling.

This comes in a lightweight design, so you can transport it from one Halloween party to another. You can also use this fog machine for adding some atmosphere to a disco or if you’re planning on staging a gig for Halloween. Why not dress up in your favorite vampire, witch or demon costume and play your favorite Halloween tunes to a backdrop of artificial mist?


  • The features – this fog maker has plenty of features, with a decent fog trajectory as well as a manual or remote operation that will make it more convenient for you to moderate the spooky atmosphere of your party.
  • The remote control has a generous lead, giving you the ability to control how much fog gets pumped into your party, which is important when you need to increase visibility.
  • This has a very user-friendly interface with LED lights that indicate how full the fluid tank on your fog machine is.
  • When it comes to power, this fog machine is unrivaled, operating at 1500 watts and giving you a solid 8 feet of fog projection, perfect for Halloween parties in a large hall or small Halloween parties in the comfort of your living room.


  • This is another heavy-duty unit that comes with a hefty price tag, so it’s probably one that should be reserved for the die-hard Halloween fans only.

Buyer’s Guide

There are a few things that every fog machine will have to perform to give you consistent and reliable fog that will disperse across the entirety of your party space:

How Reliable Is The Brand?

There will be certain brands of fog makers that are more reliable than others, which is very important for buying an electronic device that operates with a certain degree of heat.

The best method of sourcing a good fog machine from a reputable brand is simply by checking the reviews, as this will be the most reliable source of information about the product’s strengths and weaknesses.

What is Your Budget For A Fog Machine?

You’ll have to determine how dedicated you are to the authentic Halloween fog experience: will you need that complete ground coverage or do you just want something that can dispense a light layer of mist?

How Many Features Does It Have?

You’ll be looking for it to have practical attributes such as fast warming times, timed release as well as an indicator that will tell you how much smoke you have left before you need to refill.

Familiarizing yourself with these elements will be very important for accurately gauging how well your mist maker is working.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Types Of Fog Effects Are Available?

There are many different styles of fog that you can achieve with a fog machine, here are just a few of them that you can search for when next shopping for Halloween goodies:


This machine will create low-lying fog, such as you might get during the early hours of the morning when the light is low.

Vortex effect

This is a swirling cloud of fog that creates that tumultuous storm-like effect.

Seeping upwards

This is much more eerie, seeming as if the fog is coming out of the ground itself. You can achieve this with your generator by taking a hosepipe and feeding the fog through it with the pipe running through the ground.


These fog machines usually come with a special function that shoots the fog vertically into the air.

Strobe effect

This is great for a slightly more upbeat Halloween party, you can easily achieve this effect by operating a light directly behind your smoke generator. The combination of the fog and an angled light will throw cool shapes against the wall.

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