Best Scary Halloween Decorations

Halloween’s roots may be twisted and mired in legend, mythology, and history, but modern tradition has embraced the season of the witch and transformed it into a celebration of all things festive and scary.

Today you can find Halloween decorations from glam to minimalist and cutesy to spooky. There really is something for everyone. If you have small children smiling pumpkins, popular cartoon inflatables, and brightly colored lights are lots of fun. If you want something more terrifying there are almost limitless options.

You won’t find any cutesy pieces in this article. We spent countless hours scouring the internet to bring you the best-of-the-best when it comes to truly scare-inducing pieces. Trick-or-treaters, guests, and maybe even the neighborhood dog will be scared stiff by these frightful decorations.

We also included a helpful Buyer’s Guide at the end so you can continue to add to your spooky collection. Don’t miss it!

Are you ready to go haunting? Then let’s begin…

Buyers Guide

What Are Halloween House Decorations? 

Traditionally seen as a time when spirits, ghost, witches, and monsters roam freely, Halloween is a chance for children to indulge in trick-or-treating and for horror fans to enjoy their favorite flicks. It’s also a time to add some festive décor to your home whether cutesy or spooky.

Jack O Lantern Halloween pumpkins with witches hat and burning candles

The decorations can be large, garish, and designed to attract the attention of trick-or-treaters, or the small and intricate things that remind you why it is you love, and enjoy Halloween. 

The only things that matter are that the decorations mean something to you, and celebrate the spirit of the Halloween season. 

Which Halloween House Decorations Are Right For Me? 

That depends on your personal preference. Do you want your decorations to be glam, minimalist, bright and happy, dark and spooky or truly frightful? The choice is yours. An added bonus is you can change it up from year to year too. Maybe you want to be bright and happy this year, but next year you want to go more glam. You aboslutely can!

Whatever decorations you choose, and however you choose to celebrate the haunted holiday, have a happy Halloween. 

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