How is Wrapping Paper Made

festivefindsJan 22, 202310 min read

Ever wonder how wrapping paper is made? From the rolls of colorful strips to shiny metallic sheets, you find yourself asking, “How does it get from paper mill to my gift wrap drawer?” Well wonder no more! Today we’ll explore the process of making wrapping paper and learn just how this festive material makes its way from factory floor to your celebrations. Introduction Wrapping paper…

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man placing red star on top of Christmas tre

How Will You Decorate the Top of Your Christmas Tree This Year?

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Stressed out trying to find a new tree topper this year? Are you stuck in a decorating rut and looking to mix things up? Looking for the perfect fit for a new tree or a tree in a new space?…

family at thanksgiving table with garland at center

Best Garlands for an Easy Effortless Thanksgiving Centerpiece

festivefindsNov 16, 20229 min read

As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s time to get serious about your table decor. If you’re anything like us, time seems to fly by between Halloween and Christmas and we don’t want to overlook Thanksgiving. This year, make your life easier by…

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Best Thanksgiving Table Topics

festivefindsNov 16, 20226 min read

It’s almost here- that single glorious day of the year that revolves completely around a giant pile of stuffing. Ahh, all’s right with the world when I’m devouring that giant bready-buttery confection. It’s the best Thanksgiving side dish. I will…

How to Make a Halloween Village Tree

How to Make a Halloween Village Tree

festivefindsNov 16, 20229 min read

If you’re jumping on the Halloween Tree bandwagon, welcome aboard! I have been wanting to do this for a year or two, but never got around to it. Cue 2020 etc., etc. and here we are!  A Halloween tree, or…

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How to Make a Halloween Village

festivefindsOct 17, 202210 min read

Are you ready to add some fun and festive DIY pieces to your Halloween décor this year? Well, this easy and fun Halloween Village project is perfect. Even if you aren’t feeling creative or you aren’t an experienced crafter, this…

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