23 Must Have Marvel Stocking Stuffers 2022

Christmas stocking illustration in comic book style

It’s time to treat yourself, or the Marvel fan in your life, with the ultimate Marvel stocking stuffers. Who doesn’t want to wake up Christmas morning to a stocking chock-full of candy, ornaments, figurines, key chains etc. all based around their favorite characters? 

This list contains the best-of-the-best Marvel stuffers. Trust us there is a lot to choose from out there.

We carefully considered everything necessary for the ultimate experience including: product size, so it can fit inside a regular size stocking; variety of items, so no one gets bored; variety of characters, so there is something for everyone: and affordability, because no one wants to spend $50 on a stocking stuffer. 

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Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom too. Did you know some of your favorite Marvel stars have also appeared in Christmas movies? I know right! We’ve got the complete list below- A Very Marvel Holiday-MCU Stars in Christmas Films. 

Ok let’s get to those stocking stuffers! 

Top Marvel Stocking Stuffers

Mini Hallmark Ornament Surprise Bag

Amazon product

A mini ornament with a side of surprise. One of six Marvel characters included; Groot, Spiderman, Black Panther, Hulk, Iron Man or Captain America. Each ornament is about 2 inches tall. 

FunkoPop Thanos In Ugly Christmas Sweater

Amazon product

FunkPop figurines are so fun! Especially this Thanos wearing an ugly Christmas sweater for the festive season. He stands tall at almost 4 inches. 

FunkoPop Captain America Snowman

Amazon product

Who can resist this Captain America snowman? He’s adorable. Almost 4 inches tall and ready to make anyone’s season brighter. 

FunkoPop Groot

Amazon product

Baby Groot all wrapped up in lights and a wreath. The perfect addition to your holiday collection. 

Avengers Uno Card Game

Amazon product

A great addition to any celebration. Ideal for a fun family game night and a great size for traveling. 

Set Of 4 Pez Dispensers

Amazon product

A fun 4 pack with 3 extra candy packs. This set includes Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Black Panther and Spiderman. Ideal for sharing or keeping all to yourself. 

Black Panther Lip Smacker Lip Balm

Amazon product

Tangerine lip balm in a fun Black Panther dispenser. The built-in clip makes it ideal for attaching to a backpack or purse. Never lose your chapstick again! 

Captain America Lip Smacker Lip Balm

Amazon product

Red, White and blue-berry lip balm all wrapped up in a cute little Captain America package. Keep that lip balm close and easily accessible with clip attachment perfect for backpacks, bags or purses. 

Marvel Holiday Avenger Pin Set

Amazon product

A unique 6 pack of enamel pins to brighten your day. These would be great for a jean jacket, backpack, tote bag etc. The options are almost unlimited. 

Bic Avengers 2 Pen Set

Amazon product

The perfect pen set to head into the new year. Two gel pens included featuring Iron Man and Captain America. 

Guardians Of The Galaxy Ice Cube/Chocolate Mold Tray

Amazon product

Get ready to do some holiday baking! This silicone tray is ideal for making Guardians of the Galaxy chocolate treats. Bonus-it also works to make ice cubes. 

Iron Man USB

Amazon product

16 or 32 GB USB storage stick. A great pocket size option to have on hand. Also available in other characters such as Thor, Hulk, Captain Marvel, Spiderman, Groot, Black Panther and Deadpool. 

Bookmark, Stickers And Pen Set

Amazon product

A mini Marvel party in a bag! This set includes 200+ stickers, gel pen, door hanger and a bookmark. 

3D Foam Bag Clip Surprise Bag Endgame

Amazon product

A fun surprise bag option. Discover one of 11 different design options inside. The foam bag clips are ideal for backpacks or gym bags as they measure almost 6 inches in size. 

3D Foam Bag Clip Surprise Bag Falcon And The Winter Soldier

Amazon product

Another fun surprise bag with a 3D foam bag clip. Receive one of 11 different design options. Which one will you get? 

FunkoPop Marvel Keychain Surprise Bag

Amazon product

We can’t get enough of Funko Pop- these are so fun! Take your love of Marvel with you wherever you go. Receive one of 12 character options per surprise bag. 

Stackable Snack Pack/Lunch Box Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Spider Man, Captain America

Amazon product

Take your snacks or lunch on the go and in style! This set has three twist locking stackable pieces to keep your treats safe no matter where the day takes you. Bonus-it’s dishwasher safe. 

Superhero Matching Game

Amazon product

It’s never too early to fall in love with Marvel. This matching set game is ideal for children ages 3-5. Get ready for hours of Marvel inspired fun. 

HeroesHeros Coloring Set

Amazon product

Another fun set for the kid in all of us. Crayons, coloring books and stickers for an afternoon of fun. 

Superhero Fridge Magnets

Amazon product

Get ready to dress up the fridge, locker, or office filing cabinet with these fun magnets. This set comes with 10 character magnets. Have more than one Marvel fan to buy for this year? Grab two sets or split one set in two. 

Avenger Bandage Set

Amazon product

Prepare your Marvel fan for their next paper cut with these fun bandages. Great for kids or adults. 

X-Men Key Ring

X-Men Key Ring

Select one key ring from eight character choices. Not a surprise bag so what you choose is what you will get! Your Marvel fan will be searching for an excuse to use their keys with this fun ring. Bonus-this can easily double as a backpack or bag clip. 

Marvel Wooden Magnet

28 design options to choose from! That’s right-28. Order more than one and bundle your own unique set. 

Luggage Tag Set

Amazon product

It will be easy to spot your bags at the airport with these unique tags. This set includes 4 tags with Deadpool, Captain America, Spiderman and Iron Man. 

Wanda Vision Mug

Wanda Vision Mug

Surprise your Marvel fan with a fun WandaVision inspired mug. The perfect mug for enjoying some Christmas hot chocolate. Bonus-include hot chocolate packets in the stocking too! Don’t forget the marshmallows. 

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A Very Marvel Holiday-MCU Stars in Christmas Films

Wondering what Christmas movies to add to your holiday watch list this year?  Well, look no further, because you are in the right place! Although there are no specific Marvel Christmas movies, (Gasp! I l know we can discuss Iron Man 3 later) that doesn’t mean the actors who star in the films have been left out of the holiday fun.

That’s right plenty of your favorites from the Marvel universe get in on the holly jolly action in several Christmas flicks.  

Here is the complete list of Christmas movies featuring your favorite Marvel actors! 

MCU Stars in Christmas Films


Ryan Reynolds

    • Just Friends, 2005
    • Reynolds plays a formerly overweight character who is still in love with his high school best friend. He returns home from a glamorous new life- with a new look- to spend the season with his quirky family. Bonus MCU Connection-Reynolds girlfriend is played by Anna Farris, ex-wife of MCU member Chris Pratt.

Anthony Mackie

      • The Night Before, 2015
      • A hijinks filled film about three friends, one being Mackie, who are all experiencing a transition point in their lives attending an epic holiday party in NYC. Lots of comedic moments and heartwarming scenes make this a fun watch. 

Jon Favreau

    • Elf, 2003
    • Favreau takes a small part playing a family doctor in the film. However, he also directs the holiday classic. The perfect blend of family, heartbreak, redemption, comedy and love! 
    • Four Christmases, 2008
    • Favreau plays the brother of main character Vince Vaughn. Favreau’s scenes are short, but as always, extremely memorable.  

Forest Whitaker

    • Jingle Jangle, 2020
    • A musical magical masterpiece. Whitaker plays an inventor in this new must watch classic.  The costumes, the talent, the songs…perfection! Fun for the whole family. 

Martin Freeman

    • Love Actually, 2003
    • An outstanding ensemble cast makes this movie a true Christmas classic. Freeman plays the stand in for a porn actor. Love is all around in this one. 

J.K. Simmons

    • Klaus, 2019
    • J.K. has a prime role voicing a reluctant Santa.  Traditional Christmas cartoon fun for the whole family. 

Benedict Cumberbatch

    • The Grinch, 2018
    • Cumberbatch brings his unique style to voice the title character of the Grinch. The same classic tale with a twist. Animated fun for all ages. 

Don Cheadle

    • The Family Man, 2003
    • A film about second chances and A Christmas Carol-esque look at a life that could have been lived. Cheadle plays a powerful supporting role. Definitely more drama but still uplifting. 

Jude Law

    • The Holiday, 2006
    • Another ensemble cast of heavy-hitters. Law plays a widower who falls in love with a visitor from America during the Christmas holiday season.  Warm, raw and heartfelt scenes make this a must see. 

Angela Bassett and Forest Whitaker

    • Black Nativity, 2013
    • An inspirational and uplifting film about a teen reconnecting with estranged grandparents. Faith, family and bonus it’s a musical! 

Kurt Russell

    • Christmas Chronicles, 2018
    • Kurt Russel plays a jolly and kind Santa Claus. Can it get any more Christmassy? A great family favorite. Plus there’s a sequel. 

Linda Cardellini

    • Daddy’s Home 2, 2017
    • Cardellini plays the wife of main character Will Ferrell and ex-wife of the second main character Mark Wahlberg. This sequel is set during Christmas which ups the level of hijinks and comedy. 

Idris Elba

    • This Christmas, 2007
    • A large extended family gathers to celebrate Christmas. Drama, secrets, Christmas music, and an underlying uplifting story make this a can’t miss option. 

Marisa Tomei and Anthony Mackie

    • Love the Coopers, 2015
    • Another large extended family gathers to celebrate the film season. A true ensemble cast. Tomei plays a family member and Mackie is a police officer. More drama, less comedy. 

Paul Rudd

    • All is Bright, 2013
    • A Christmas drama with Rudd as father and an ex-con working at a Christmas tree lot. An independent film. Not your typical bright and jolly film, but well worth a watch. 

Michael Keaton

    • Jack Frost, 1998
    • An interesting plot with Keaton as a father who has recently died in a car accident.  The son plays his old harmonica and Keaton is brought back as a snowman. Set during Christmas, but darker than most. 

Robert Downey Jr

    • Home for the Holidays, 1995
    • Downey isn’t the main character, but plays a memorable supporting role.  Plenty of funny and cheerful holiday moments. 

Mark Ruffalo

    • On the 2nd Day of Christmas, 1997
    • This one may be difficult to find on any streaming platform as it was a made for tv movie and not released in theaters.  Ruffalo plays a security guard who welcomes two strangers into his home for the holidays.  Plenty of romance and heartwarming scenes.  

Clark Gregg

    • Road to Christmas, 2006
    • A Lifetime TV Christmas movie. Gregg plays a widower who falls in love with a woman who is stranded in their local community due to a snowstorm.  Spoiler- In true Christmas TV movie style, she was on the way to her wedding when she met Gregg and it’s safe to say she never made it. Heartwarming predictable moments abound, but isn’t this why we watch these movies? 

Rachel McAdams

    • Family Stone, 2005
    • A dramedy, part family drama and part comedy. McAdams plays the youngest and most outspoken Stone family member as they all gather to celebrate the holidays. 

Robert Downey Jr. and the Entire Cast of Iron Man 3

    • Iron Man 3, 2013
    • There are two very strong opinions on this one. The entire film is set during the festive season, but not a specific Christmas storyline. However, when Downey as Tony Stark says, “It’s Christmas. Take ‘Em To Church,” you can officially categorize this as a Christmas film.  Mandatory Christmas marathon watching for all Marvel fans.  
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