Top Halloween Tees- Toddlers And Little Kids 2022

mother and children getting ready for holiday cutting a pumpkin

Get your little one Halloween ready with an easy to wear, goes with everything tee. Make your life easier and theirs more stylish in one fail swoop. 

We’ve done all the hard work for you and searched the internet over for the best of the best-funny, cute, adorable and spooky tees for toddlers-8 year olds. The list is arrowed down to the top 30 picks. (We know, we know it’s still a big list. It’s harder than it looks-so many cute designs for your little one!!!) All you have to do is browse this list and pick your favorite. Easy and hassle-free. 

If you’re looking for recommendations on what to wear with a tee, make sure you scroll to the bottom and review our Styling Guide. We’ve got tips on how to pair the tees, what accessories you may want to add, and several tips and tricks. Your little one will be the envy of the playgroup! 

If you’re looking for shirts for older kids or teens we’ve got you covered there too! Check-out Top Halloween Tees-Big Kids 2023 (9-12 year olds) and Top Halloween Shirts-Teens 2023

Now, let’s dive into these adorable Halloween shirt options!

Halloween Shirts for Toddlers & Little Kids

Simple Joys 2 Pack

This one is as adorable as it is affordable. We love the option for a unisex 2 pack, because inevitably one will get dirty or stained. Now you’ll have another ready to go. It’s also great if you have 2 events back to back and won’t have time to run a load of laundry. (That’s me!)

Digging Halloween

The perfect choice for the construction or truck enthusiast! This shirt is all kinds of adorable. Available in sizes 2T-5T. You can select a tee or a long sleeve option in orange or black. 

Disney Skellington 3Pack

Calling all Nightmare Before Christmas fans! This unisex set is perfect. Available in sizes 2T-youth. Your little one can wear these over and over in the month of October. 


A goofy Frankenstein is just what your Halloween needs this year. This shirt is perfect for classroom parties or a trip to the pumpkin patch! Grab this one in size 2T-5T. 

It’s Spooky Season

Could this shirt be any cuter? No, the answer you’re looking for is no! Available in several different shirt and font color options to suit your taste. Sizes range from newborn to youth. A must-have this Halloween! 


Grab this one to wear to all your fall activities. This spunky and cute jack-o-lantern will bring smiles all the way around. Available in sizes 6 months-5T. 

Disney Mummy Mickey

Head to the park in this tee and your little one will be the envy of the playground. A great way to incorporate a love of all things Mickey or Disney with Halloween. Available in a range of youth sizes and 5 color options. 

Disney Cinderella 

A shirt fit for a princess! This one features Cinderella’s carriage with some fun typography from the movie. This one comes in 5 color options for the tee and a variety of youth sizes. 

Candy Skeleton

This one comes in 8 design options which show different colors of candy pieces combined with different color tees. Available in sizes 2T-5T. Bonus-this one even has a long sleeve tee option! 

Storm Trooper Skeletons

Grab this one for the child of any Star Wars fan! A funny take on the traditional dancing skeleton that’s sure to make them smile. This one comes in 8 different colors and a variety of youth sizes. 


This fun and festive Boo shirt will go from a playdate to the grocery store and back again. A fun festive shirt to celebrate the season. This one comes in sizes 3 months-5T and various youth sizes. There are 11 t-shirt color options for the toddler sizes so lots of variety to find what you need. 


Roar into Halloween with this scary cute T-Rex tee. Perfect for parties or a trip to the corn maze. 

This one is offered in 6months-5T and youth sizes. There are 7 color options for tees in toddler sizes. 

Monogram Ghost

If you’re a monogram fan this is the shirt for your little one! An adorable ghost, available with or without a bow. Grab this one in black or heather grey for the perfect fall activity look. Available in sizes newborn-youth. 

Personalized Truck Raglan

The ultimate in cool this Halloween! Grab this one for the coolest little one you know. Available in newborn-youth sizes and 3 sleeve color options. 


A bright and fun candy corn covered tee! This one will work well at the class party, playground or any fall events. Grab this one in newborn-youth sizes and lots of color options. 

Tie Dye Pumpkin

Jump on the tie dye bandwagon with this happy jack-o-lantern. This one will work well with your little’s favorite sweats, jeans or shorts if you live in a warm climate. Available in a variety of youth sizes. 


Get right to the point with this tee! A fun twist on a retro graphic that fits right in with the spooky season. Available in sizes 2T-youth and comes in 6 color options. We’re cruising on purple over here. 

T-Rex Raglan

Another fun T-Rex ready for some candy! We love the black raglan sleeves. This one comes in sizes 2T-5T. Perfect for your little dino fanatic. 

Trick Or Treat Typography

If you’re looking for matching family shirts or shirts for a group, these are the shirts for you. A fun cheery font that’s more cutesy and less spooky. Available in newborn-adult sizes. There are lots of color options so each family can wear a unique color shirt or split into family groups etc. Great for a family get-together. 

Hey Boo

Your little one will be ready to hit the town for Halloween in this cute shirt. The strong bold lettering makes it stand out from the crowd and your little one will too. Newborn-youth sizes in three color options available. 

Halloween Rainbow

This tee is unexpected and adorable. A fun twist on the classic rainbow design. Available in a black or white tee. Grab one or more in sizes 3 months-various youth. 

Shake Your Boo-ty

No list is complete without a Shake Your Boo-ty shirt! A great unisex option in sizes 2T-4T and color options include black, white and grey. A fun shirt to wear for a playdate, to daycare or the neighborhood block party and everywhere in between. 

Spooky Dude

Grab those shades and head out the door for some fun! This cool shirt is perfect for all your fun fall activities and photo ops. Grab one for the cool little dude in your life! Available in 5 color options and sizes 2-youth. 

Boo Crew

Grab all the cousins and friends-it’s time for Halloween. Nothing is more fun than wearing matching t-shirts as a group. You can get this adorable design in sizes 6 months-adult. A fun and festive time will be had by all! 

Hey Boo 

We love the vintage vibe of this one. 6 months-4T sizes available in the prettiest shade of blue. Perfect for matching with jeans, leggings, or a tutu. Bonus-the great unisex design means this one can be handed down and enjoyed again! 

Disney Daisy Duck

Another fun option for Disney and Daisy fans! Daisy makes one adorable Halloween skeleton. Available in sizes 6 months-adult and loads of fun colors. 

Mama’s Boo

A classic and funny unisex t-shirt option. Grab one or two of this one in newborn-youth sizes. With 8 color options, you’re sure to find something you like. Hellllllo Olive!

Retro Boo With Ghost

Calling all retro fans! A super adorable option that brings all the too-cute to be spooky vibes. Available in 3 shirt colors; pink, white or black. Sizes 2T-6T available. Pair this one with jeans, leggings, or joggers. 

So Franken Cute

A cute twist on a classic Frankenstein. There’s also an option without pigtails here. A great option for twins or siblings! Available in 2T-youth in a black, orange, or purple tee. 

Bad To The Bone

The perfect shirt for all the fun fall family outings! Available in tee sizes 3 months-youth and 4 color options. Sunglasses are highly encouraged with this look. 

Styling Guide

The Halloween shirts on this list are completely effortless. However, there are lots of choices for what to wear with the shirts. You can dress them up or down and they are are ideal for lots of fun fall occasions. Before you head out the door we recommend you consider comfort, climate, and accessories when getting your little one ready for all of the Halloween fun.

Here are our top styling suggestions for little ones. 


When you get ready to choose an outfit for your little one, think about comfort. What will they be doing while wearing their cute Halloween ensemble? Will they be at daycare and taking a nap? At the playground playing on the equipment? At the fall festival or corn maze running around? 

Whatever they are doing, you want to make sure they can easily move around from activity to activity. Each little one will have different preferences so keep that in mind when you start.


It goes without saying that you’ll take the weather into account when getting ready for the day. Here are some options based on climate. 

Warm weather

Pair that adorable tee with shorts, capris or a skort and sandals for a day on the town. If you’ll be in and out of the air conditioning, grab a jacket before heading out the door. A zip front sweatshirt, jean jacket, or light open front cardigan will still allow that cute Halloween shirt to show through and be the star of the show. 

If you have a tutu fan, layer one over shorts for a cute option that’s easy to put on and take off again and again. (Please tell me my child is not the only one who does this 100’s of times throughout the day!)

Cool weather

It’s all about layering if you live in a temperate climate. Consider joggers or sweats with tennis shoes for a casual outing. Maybe jeans, leggings, or khaki pants for an official Halloween event. You can layer a long sleeve tee underneath for added warmth if needed. 

Consider an open front flannel shirt, zip up sweatshirt, or jacket if it gets really chilly or rainy. These will still allow the shirt to show while keeping your little one warm. 

Cold weather

Layer that spooky tee over a long sleeve tee and wear an open front jacket on top. This will keep the Halloween tee in full view and keep little ones arms warm. Pair this with joggers and tennis shoes for a casual look. Or go more fall with jeans, leggings, or corduroy pants. 

If needed add a warm Halloween hat or matching hat to keep the cold out. 


The final step in styling your Halloween t-shirt is choosing accessories. If your little one has lots of hair a cute Halloween headband, hair tie, or bows are an adorable choice.  Halloween tutu skirts are lots of fun,  

Age-appropriate Halloween jewelry pieces are more than fun for little ones too. (Be aware of choking hazards for toddlers under 3 years old). Think necklaces, bracelets, rings, or even press on earrings (stickers). Don’t forget you can always add glow necklaces, bracelets or glasses in the mix to make the occasion extra festive.

If you live in a cold climate a festive Halloween beanie hat and gloves are a great choice.

That’s it. It couldn’t be easier to make your little cutie the most festive little pumpkin for Halloween! 

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