About Festive Finds

At Festive Finds, we are dedicated to all things Holidays. We love any reason to celebrate and decorate. If it’s festive, we’ll find it or show you how to create it.

About the Founder

Welcome to Festive Finds. I’m Melissa, a forty-something wife and mom who loves all things related to the holidays. From decorating inside and out to hosting a party or a night in with my family, I LOVE it all. 

Holidays have always been one of my favorite things. The festive food, the chance to change things up in my home decor, the great excuse to throw a party, the traditions new and old, the chance to create something new, and countless other reasons are why I am a major holiday enthusiast. I think this may be my year to move from recreational amateur to professional! 

Holidays have a life-long hold on me and I am not mad about it. Each holiday makes me smile and brings me joy in a completely different way. I hope your favorite holidays do the same for you. 

Other than celebrating a specific holiday on an actual day, I love the preparation. For me, there is nothing more fun than tracking down the latest holiday items and trends, so I started a website to share my finds with others. 

Here, you’ll find hot new products, how-tos, and must-haves for holiday home décor, apparel, party supplies, kids’ crafts, and more. I also share the occasional DIY or semi-DIY project to help you create the ultimate holiday décor and party pieces. 

I hope you feel inspired to incorporate some of these festive finds into your life.

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