Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for College Students 

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Not sure what to get your college student (or adult child who just moved away from home) this Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We’ve prepared some unique ideas to make your special big kid feel… well, a little extra special this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day can be tricky because not only is your child growing up and possibly living away from home, but this holiday is also generally associated with romantic love. Most advertisements and marketing messages you see are likely focused on couples. Over the last several years, that has been changing to include more nods to friendship and familial love as well. That’s where you and your college student come in. Doesn’t everyone deserve a little extra love on Heart Day? Absolutely! 

Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance to show your student or students how important they are to you. It doesn’t have to be complicated, either. You can make this as casual or elaborate as you choose. Go with a quick and simple E-Valentine, step things up with a grocery delivery, or go all in with a care package full of their favorites. We’re sure whichever option you choose will be happily received this Valentine’s Day. 

Grocery Delivery or Pickup

This one is our favorite. Thanks to the wonders of new technology, you can now buy groceries for your child and have them delivered or set for pick-up at their local store. Excellent, especially if your student lives in another town or state! 

This one is great because it allows you to add fresh produce and refrigerated or frozen options, which is impossible with a traditional care package. (Hello, ice cream and frozen pizza!) 

You already know your student’s favorite foods or personal care items (don’t forget body wash, toothpaste, and shampoo), so this will be a cinch. Be sure to include a festive Valentine’s Day treat or two! 

Load your cart, check out, and set a delivery or pick-up time. Be sure to speak with your child so they know to be home or when to arrive at the store for pick-up. 

What a fun new option with a personal and caring touch! This will surely be a huge hit with your child and their roommates or friends. 


MasterClass Session or Membership 

Another new option brought to us by the wonder of technology. Gift your student(s) an online MasterClass to help them improve their skills. There are over 150 classes to choose from corresponding to their future career or even something to help them enhance their hobbies. New courses are added to the platform each month! 

These aren’t your average classes, either. They are taught by icons and industry leaders that your student will recognize. Choose a 30-day session or an annual plan. 

These are great because classes can be completed whenever or wherever. Convenience and flexibility are built into the sessions and plans. 

This is a chance to show them how much you value their drive and determination to create their best and brightest future. Give them another opportunity to invest in themself that’s more like a conversation with a friend than another lecture hall session. Trust us-your student will love this! 



An E-Valentine is a quick and fun option for students who live far away or down the hall. Compose a heartfelt email, silly or serious. Attach a favorite photo of them as a baby, child, or teen. (Bonus points if it is from a previous Valentine’s Day!) 

Add the details for an electronic gift card to one of their favorite places. Consider their favorite…

  • restaurant
  • clothing or department store
  • coffee shop
  • gas station
  • university bookstore
  • electronics store
  • grocery store 
  • salon or spa
  • big box retailer 
  • National or local maid service (if they live in their own apartment-who wouldn’t love a nice deep cleaning of the floors and bathrooms?) 


Care Package

Care packages are lots of fun. You can get completely personal with the contents. The only con is you need to be sure nothing can break or spoil in transport. So, no glass bottles or fresh/frozen foods. 

Here are our favorite options for a care package.

  • Valentine’s Day Card
  • Pair or package of their favorite socks 
  • Favorite snack foods (chips, popcorn, snack mix)
  • Favorite cereal
  • Favorite candy
  • Gum and mints
  • New book
  • Activity books like crossword puzzles or sudoku
  • A stress ball or fidget toy
  • New package of pens, pencils, or highlighters 
  • New notebooks or folders 
  • Fun Valentine’s Day stickers 
  • New sweatshirt or sweatpants 
  • New pair of slippers 
  • New toothbrush and toothpaste 


Special Delivery

These are what we consider more traditional Valentine’s Day options, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fun. Your student will love a special delivery to celebrate Heart Day this year. These are great for students living at home or on their own. 

Look for national or local vendors to meet your specific needs and consider the following options;

  • Flowers
  • Gourmet cookies or bakery items
  • Candy
  • Edible Arrangements 
  • Pizza from their local favorite (be sure to coordinate so your student is expecting a meal)
  • Doordash or Grubhub Meal (be sure to coordinate so your student is expecting a meal)
  • Donuts 
  • Balloons (check with local florists and party stores) 


Get Ready for a Phone Call 

Whatever option you choose is sure to be a hit. On this special day, your student will know you’re thinking of them and how much they are loved. That’s all that matters. 

Now, get ready for the phone to ring. Hopefully, they will call, and you can talk to them for a few glorious minutes. (We can’t wait!) Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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