What To Send Instead Of Flowers For Valentine’s Day This Year?

What To Send Instead Of Flowers For Valentine's Day This Year

Valentine’s Day is a special day celebrated annually on the 14th of February. The writings of Geoffery Chaucer first mentioned Valentine’s Day as a romantic holiday sometime in 1382 (Britain Magazine). Since then, people have celebrated by declaring their love and celebrating with all kinds of gifts.

In the United States, people send over 190 million Valentine’s Day cards yearly, and that does not include other gifts. According to reports, Valentine’s Day spending in 2017 in the United States exceeded $18.2 billion, making it an important economic event.

Perhaps you have received or sent Valentine’s flowers in the past. This year, mix things up and think outside the vase! Check out our top 8 picks for your special someone that aren’t flowers.

7 Great Valentine’s Day Gifts That Are Not Flowers

In modern times, the most typical gift to give on Valentine’s Day is flowers, with red roses being the most common. A Valentine’s Day gift can be tricky to pick out because not all relationships are the same. We compiled a list of eight alternative gifts. Some of these gifts are traditional, and people have exchanged them for many years, while others are more unique and non-traditional. Choose what works best for your significant other this year.

What To Send Instead Of Flowers For Valentine's Day This Year

I Love You Because… Cards or Journal

This gift can set someone’s heart on fire! We like this one because it is highly personal and gives you a chance to express yourself and the recipient a chance to feel truly known and loved. You can do this with a pack of plain cards where you write down one way you love them in each. Go with as many as you need, but 14 is fun for Valentine’s Day. What a wonderful keepsake to read again and again!

A Recipe Book or Box

Do you and your partner enjoy cooking together? Does your partner enjoy cooking? Either way, a fun recipe book or box is a great way to organize their favorite recipes in one place. You can add little notes to recipe cards or pages telling your significant other how much you love each recipe. You can add a thoughtful inscription to the book or an extra note in the box expressing your gratitude for the relationship, for them, for their delicious cooking, etc. Silly or sappy…go with a message that works for your relationship, and your partner will be thrilled. Hopefully, so much so that they whip up your favorite dessert!

A Day At The Spa

A day at their favorite spa can be a fantastic gift for your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Make it a day out together! Many spas offer Valentine’s Day specials for couples or singles, offering chocolates, wine, and discounts. They may also include gift cards, special music, and other things to make the experience more memorable. A day at the spa gift can be a great option for Valentine’s Day instead of flowers.

A Bouquet of Favorite Things

This is a fun one. It can be completely personalized to your loved one. Start with a basket or cute container they can repurpose after the holiday. Next, add a few of their favorite things, like beauty products, a cozy blanket, special craft supplies, a gift card, slippers, candles, etc. Maybe they need to restock their favorite office supplies, or they’ve had their eyes on new headphones. The options are endless. Top it off with a few of their favorite snacks or sweet treats, and don’t forget a card.

A Candy Bouquet gift for Valentine's Day

Unique Jewelry

We’ve all seen countless ads and billboards with heart-shaped jewelry for Valentine’s Day. However, you don’t want the special person in your life to have the same piece of jewelry as everyone else. Consider a piece of unique jewelry or personalized jewelry this year. Look for a ring engraved with initials or a special message. Personalized necklaces or bracelets are fun, too. If you know their birthstone, there are fun, customizable pieces at major retailers or local vendors. You can’t go wrong when you choose something from the heart.

A Home-Cooked Meal

A home-cooked meal can be a lovely Valentine’s Day gift, showing how much you care by pampering them or spending time together. You can try unique recipes your significant other would enjoy and deliver each course with little love notes attached. You can surprise them or even prepare the meal together to create a more memorable experience. This is a great choice for a no-gift Valentine’s Day or an activity-only gift. It’s also an affordable option across most budgets.

An Activity

An often overlooked option for Valentine’s Day is a gift activity instead of a physical object. The goal of the activity is to choose something fun, relaxing, or creative where you and your partner can create lasting memories. It’s the thought and the time spent together on this one that counts. Some suggestions include painting pottery, a picnic (indoors or out), rock climbing, visiting a local attraction, mini golf, a phone-free day (except for emergencies), dance lessons, hiking a local trail, or a cooking class. There are lots of options here, so look around your area and choose something that works best for your relationship.

Final Thoughts

Valentine’s Day is among the most widely celebrated events in the world. If you are looking for the perfect gift to send instead of flowers for Valentine’s Day this year, you cannot go wrong with these fun and memorable suggestions. Happy heart day!

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