10 Creative Ways To Hang Your Stockings Without A Mantle

Christmas socks hanging on the wooden background
Christmas stockings hanging on the wooden background

No mantle-no problem!  It’s time to get creative. There are lots of fun and clever locations for your stockings to call home this holiday season.

Each of these resourceful locations is Santa approved! 

Interior Door

Consider using the front of a bedroom or closet door.  The back of an exterior door works well too.  Grab an over the door wreath hook or removable adhesive hooks to finish the job. Who needs a wreath when you have stockings!  (You could absolutely hang a wreath with a small stocking for a super cute and unique look!)    

Entryway table

Have a table the height of your couch or similar?  Think entryway tables, nightstands, or end tables next to the couch. Use traditional hangers that double as table top décor or string garland across and hang stockings from the garland. 

Pro tip: avoid coffee tables as most are too low.  Stockings aren’t meant to touch the ground. 

Dresser handle or knob

Hang stockings directly to the knob or handle closest to the top.  Go one step further and use a traditional stocking hanger that doubles as decor or string garland across the front of the dresser and hang the stocking from the garland.  

Pro tip: hang your stocking off the side of the dresser with a traditional stocking hanger if the dresser gets a lot of use. No need for holiday frustration when all you need is a pair of socks! 

Bed Frame or Footboard 

Consider using the footboard or end of the bed frame.  Sting, garland or small removable adhesive hooks will do the trick. Festive ribbon is a great idea as well. The headboard is not recommended. It’s hard to get to and it would be awkward to sleep under.

Curtain Rod  

Find a blank wall in your space.  Add a small light-weight curtain rod hung on hooks with removable adhesive as holders. Simply slide the stocking hangers (loops or strings attached to the top of the stocking) on the rod.  

Pro tip: avoid heavy stocking stuffers or the entire set-up may come crashing down.  

Decorative Ladder

Decorative ladders leaned against the wall are all the rage right now for storing and displaying throw blankets. Grab some ribbon or small hooks and voila-the stockings will be hung with care!  

Staircase railing

If your staircase has exposed rails on one side, grab some ribbon or string and you’re all set.  Bonus festivity points if you hang a garland and string the stockings from or behind the garland! 

Pro tip: avoid heavy stocking stuffers.

Bookcase or Wall Shelf 

The ideal spot to use traditional stocking hangers for quick and easy decorating! Traditional stocking hangers are decorative items with built in hooks that will sit on the shelf to hold the stocking in place. No need to worry about damaging the walls either! 

Window frame

All you need is some holiday ribbon, fishing line, small adhesive removable hooks or a suction cup with a built in hook.  Bonus-your festive stockings can be enjoyed inside and outside!  

Christmas Tree

Put those stockings to work double-time as tree décor!  You can always remove them to fill and if they are too heavy to put back, lean them up in front of Santa’s presents on Christmas morning.  Simple and easy.  

Christmas Stocking FAQs

Should stockings hang with the toe pointing to the right or left?

Stockings can be hung either way.  However, it will depend on the design. Some stockings have the main design or personalization, such as a name, on one side. Naturally, that side would become the front. A large portion of commercially made stockings designed this way have toes that point to the right.  

Do stockings have to match?

This is completely a personal preference.  Some will prefer matching while others indulge in the sentimentality of mismatched stockings gathered through the years. You can’t go wrong and nothing says you can’t change your mind, or change your stockings, for next year. 

Do you wrap items before placing them inside the stocking?

The stocking is meant to serve in place of wrapping paper.  This doesn’t mean you can’t wrap items, but most are small and would not be fun to wrap.  Half the fun for our family on Christmas morning is taking a quick peek on the way to the kitchen to see what is poking out of the top!

Are stockings safe for homes with pets?

Please keep in mind your pets when it comes to stockings and other décor this holiday season. Make sure stockings are always out of reach from curious pets. 

Growing up my family dog got a hold of his stocking on Christmas morning and managed to get it stuck on his head!  Luckily it wasn’t too tight and my Dad came to the rescue. Poor little guy, an adorable Boston Terrier, was panicking! 

In his defense, the stocking had homemade peanut butter dog treats and smelled delicious even after he had devoured all his loot. I can’t hang a stocking without thinking about that adorable little peanut butter loving guy.  

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