3 Easy And Affordable Ways To Transform Your Holiday Decor

What kind of holiday decorator are you?  Are you Consistent-do you place each decoration in the same spot each year?  Or are you a Versatile-do you change it up and move items around from year-to-year?

I am somewhere in the middle. (Versistent or Consisatile-which name do you like better?)  I have certain pieces that definitely have a permanent home from year to year. Other items get moved to new locations or repurposed almost every year. It gives me a little variety and satisfies my creativity to try something new.  

If you’re looking for new ways to mix-it-up this year you definitely can and it will be easier than you think. Most of the suggestions here are creative uses for items you already have and won’t cost you anything. You can’t get more affordable than that!  

Be bold and break out of that decorating rut this year! Here’s how to get started.  

Change the location

Hang stockings from locations other than a mantle.

Move a holiday collection 

Move the Tree

Consider moving the tree to a new spot in the same room or to a completely different room to really change things up. 

MIx-up your wreaths

Move a wreath from a lesser used space to a main space and vice versa

Reorganize the Porch or Lawn

See what can be moved to create a fun new arrangement 

Move a small decorative tree

  • Move a tree that sits on the floor up onto a table and create a vignette with other decor items 
  • Place several small decorative trees in one location for a new fun winter scene 

Decorate a new space

  • Add decor to bedrooms or bathrooms that have been left out in years past

Change the way an item is displayed at its current location

  • Swap out your traditional Christmas stocking hangers for a fun garland or ribbon swag on the mantle. 
  • Create a tiered display and get those holiday mugs out of the dark cabinet-read more- 11 Attractive Ways to Display Your Christmas Mug Collection
  • Change up the layout of your Christmas Village. 
  • Elevate your Nativity on a raised cake or serving platter to bring the wow factor. 
  • Add fairy lights and garland to surround a collection
  • Add a new color ribbon or garland to your tree
  • Change out the tree skirt for a tree collar or a large holiday blanket
  • Add new/different lights to your tree-consider novelty lights for extra fun
  • Enlarge that holiday family photo into a canvas and hang it in a prominent location 
  • Put Christmas cards from family and friends on display in a whole new way-hang them from a garland with mini laundry clips, from a vertical ribbon on an interior door or kitchen cabinet, create a faux string tree on an unused wall and attach cards as ornaments. 
  • Replace photos around the house with Christmas photos. Pro tip: keep the holiday photo in the frame all year behind the regular photo.  At Christmas swapping is a snap! 

Replace Old or Broken Items with Something Completely Different 

  • Broken lights? Consider adding new shapes or colors to the mix.
  • Broken tree or switching to artificial? Consider a flocked tree or a fun multi-colored spotlight to keep it versatile. 
  • Worn out stockings? Look for coordinating options instead of matching or vice versa.  Change colors and sizes for a really new look. 
  • Broken ornaments? Consider a new color scheme for the tree.  Buy new ornaments in coordinating colors in bulk. 
  • Is your artificial tree looking a little thin?  Consider adding faux branch pieces throughout for a festive full look. There are some great sprigs that bring new interest with red berries, attached bows, glitter, flocked tips etc.  Tons of options. 

Throw Out the Rules

  • Do you have decorating rules? Maybe you have some, but don’t realise it.  Well get rid of them!  Get out everything you have and see what works.  Pretend it’s your first time looking at your items or your first Christmas in this space.  Keep all possibilities open.
  • Don’t worry about taking ornaments from one tree and using them for another or swapping out bits and bobbles here and there. Let go of anything holding you back and just go for it!  You’ll never know what new and beautiful combinations you will create until you give it a try.  

Break out of the mold this year and don’t forget to have some fun along the way! 

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