11 Attractive Ways To Display Your Christmas Mug Collection

2 red mugs with white polka dots filled with hot chocolate
2 red mugs with white polka dots filled with hot chocolate

Aren’t festive holiday mugs the best?!? Whether you are a coffee drinker, tea sipper, or hot chocolate lover nothing sets the holiday mood quite like a warm beverage in a festive mug. But what’s even better than this?

Seeing your entire holiday mug collection on display! Who wants to hide that cute snowman or santa in the cabinet? Let your beautiful mugs double as decor.  

Here’s a roundup of my favorite ways to showcase your collection that are ideal for both form and function.  

Wooden Cutting Board and a Cake Stand

Maybe you already have these items around the house?  Stack the cake stand on top of the cutting board. The height difference adds visual interest and gives you space for more mugs. (Who doesn’t plan to add to their collection?1?) Arrange mugs on each surface to create a display completely unique to you! 

Tiered Stand or Lazy Susan

Sold at home decor, big box, and crafting stores.  Grab a metal or wooden variety.  Make sure the tier heights are tall enough to accommodate your collection.  

Tabletop/Countertop Coffee Cup Stand/Tree

Grab one to use year round or one just for Christmas. I recommend choosing white or black to let those mugs designs grab the spotlight. Lots of metal or wooden options out there. Bonus points if you layer on top of a cutting board or decorative flat basket with room to display more of your collection!

Peg Board Organizer 

A modern spin for your display! Bonus-you can easily move pegs to accommodate different size mugs. 

Old Skis

If you can find an old pair of skis or know a woodworker to make a pair or one- this would make a super cute display.  Add your favorite hooks from the local hardware store and you’re in luck! You could hang it under a kitchen cabinet or a blank wall. 

Bar Cart

Transform your bar cart into a Christmas wonderland.  Add a small cake stand or tiered stand to the top for visual interest. Bonus points for added garlands or small trees!  


The pallet craze hit a few years ago, but still has a rustic vibe that works for Christmas. It is also an affordable DIY option.  All you need is a pallet cut to your ideal size and some hooks of your choice.  You can leave the finish natural, stained, or give it a crisp new paint coat. Hang it or prop it up on a table or kitchen cabinet.  

Wall Mounted Coffee Cup Stand

A great solution if you want something more permanent.  If you have a large collection Magnolia and Pottery Barn sell beautifully minimalist options in black metal. 

Hooks Under the Kitchen Cabinet

Hang hooks with removable adhesive for a holiday only display option. Make sure to measure and space mugs evenly. 

Wall Mounted Curtain Rod or Industrial Pipe Style Rods

So many cute options available at your local home improvement store or online at Amazon. Options for a variety of price points and styles.  

Wall Mounted Coat Rack

Find one in a solid color, hang on the wall, and add mugs.  Easy peasy! 

Don’t forget to take care of your holiday mug collection in the off-season. Check-out my suggestions here for How to Safely Store Your Holiday Mug Collection.  

May your mug always be full friends! 

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