How To Safely Store Your Holiday Mug Collection

close up of candy canes and cups on wooden table over lights

close up of candy canes and cups on wooden table over lights

Holiday collections of any kind are my jam!  From quirky to traditional, holiday collections make decorating extra fun.  Once you start a collection, you want to keep it safe so you can enjoy it again and again from year-to-year.  Proper storage is the key!  

Here are my step-by-step recommendations for how to safely store your holiday mug collection. 

Choose a storage container

There are lots of options here. Maybe you want to invest in a new container or maybe you already have something that will work. Keep in mind any plans for expanding your collection.  If you plan to add several mugs or one per year etc., plan ahead.  Try and make some space now, so you aren’t recreating your storage situation every year.  

Cup and Mug Storage Container

If you plan to buy a storage solution for your collection this is my recommendation. These storage containers are made just for cups and mugs. The soft padded insides will keep your mugs nice and cozy as you carry them to the closet, attic or basement when not in use. Many are washable too! 

Plastic Storage Container

Hard sided plastic containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  These are a great solution as you can find the size that best suits your collection.  These are easy to wipe clean as well.  For these you will need to add your own interior padding. Think bubble wrap, tissue paper, paper towels, or old dish towels. 

Pro tip– a few smaller containers may be more suited here so the mugs aren’t too heavy to carry.  You also don’t want to stack more than two vertically.

Cardboard Box

A great way to upcycle that old box and put it to good use!  Bonus- you can write on the front for easy labeling.  You will need to add your own padding here too.  Leftover bubble wrap, tissue paper, paper towels, or old dish towels.  Remember a few smaller boxes can also go inside a larger box to provide extra cushioning and protection.  Shoe boxes are great for this. 

Ornament Storage Container 

There are a lot of options for these and they take minimal effort.  Most are plastic and already have cardboard dividers on the inside.  The cardboard dividers could also be manipulated as needed to accommodate different sizes.  This could be a great option.  You only need to add a small amount of padding. 

Clean your mugs

Before packing your mugs away they need a good cleaning.  Some mugs may have been used and you need to be sure there are no stains or drink residue to address.  Make sure to check the bottom of the mug to see if it is dishwasher safe.  Most decorative mugs are not, so when in doubt hand wash.  Other mugs used purely as decor can be wiped down to remove any dust or holiday debris (I’m looking at you glitter!)

Pack them in your chosen container and add a label

Now that your mugs are clean it is time to carefully pack them away into your container.  Add a label so you can easily find your container again next year.  A label could simply be using a sharpie to write directly on the box or a more formal system.  

One year I ended up with some extra name tags from a holiday party.  You know the blue ones that say, “Hi my name is…”  Well I didn’t want them to go to waste and I had mostly cardboard boxes at that time.  My boxes made me smile for several years, “Hi my name is kitchen and living room garlands,” “Hi my name is santa cookie jars,” “Hi my name is small tabletop trees,” etc.  Use what you have! 

Choose a location for the container to live 

After your container is packed, it is time to choose a safe location for storage. With any collection you want to find a place that is cool, dry and not easily distrurbed. Consider a top shelf of a closet, underneath a bed, in the attic, basement, or garage. Don’t stress too much if you aren’t able to keep this with your other holiday items.  Sometimes, our collections need their own space to stay safe.  

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