5 Quick And Easy Ways To Make Your Artificial Tree Look Show-stoppingly Full

flocked Christmas tree with red and white ornaments
flocked Christmas tree with red and white ornaments

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our faux tree that we stuff back into a box or bag each year would come back out fluffier and more beautiful each year?  Unfortunately, that is not the case. Most of us keep our tree mostly flattened out and in storage 10-11 months of the year.  It’s no wonder that it can start to look a little flat and lifeless as time goes by.  

Not to mention trees that are older (10+ years) and legitimately thinner due to wear or tear etc.  

But I have got the solution for you! With a combination of the suggestions below you can bring your tree back to life in no time! It’s quick, easy, and repeatable for the coming years. 

Fluff those branches

  • Fluff one section at a time.  Start with the base and fluff each section going up as you assemble your tree. 
  • Remember each tree is different.  Some will have branches that move up and down with small branches that fan out left and right. Gently check to see which pieces can be moved.  
  • Fluff all the way up then step back and take a look.  Sometimes a second look from a new angle can help.  If needed leave your tree for a little bit and return to see if you notice any holes.   

Add faux branches or stems

Visit your local retailer or shop online for faux branches or stems to add to the holes.  If possible go with a similar branch to your current tree.  Or if you want to add variety look for branches that are a shade lighter or darker.  They can also add depth.  Another fun option is to add flocked branches or branches with red berries already attached.  

Add large ornaments, florals or bows

Nothing will help camouflage those large gaps like some large ornaments or florals.  Make sure to buy enough to keep the tree balanced.  If you only buy some to fill the holes, that will call more attention to the holes.  

Add faux garland

Similar to faux branches, faux garland is an easy option.  Grab a similar variety to seamlessly work into the existing branches. 

Add ribbon or non-greenery garlands 

Choose a festive ribbon or a non-greenery garland like pine cones, jingle bells, faux popcorn, pom poms, felt snowflakes, grape vines, or felt reindeer.  The options are almost endless.  Keep in mind the height of your tree when determining the quantity of garland and width as well. 

A skinny ribbon or garland will be lost on a tall tree.  I recommend using at least 4 inch wide ribbon for a 6 foot tree or taller,  You could go a bit thinner in width if you are working with a pencil or slim tree. I also recommend wired ribbon so you can bend it into place exactly where you need it.  If you have large holes to cover you don’t want the ribbon to sag.  You need it to be able to hold it’s shape on its own.  

For the best results start with fluffing the branches and then combine two of the other options from this list.  For example large ornaments and a ribbon or faux stems and a fun felt garland. This will help give the tree a cohesive look and distract from any holes. 

Now step back and admire that tree! You’ll be so glad you followed these 5 quick and easy suggestions as you enjoy your nice full tree this year.

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