Chic Décor for a Glam Halloween

spooky black and gold pumpkins with spiders

Are you looking for chic instead of scary this Halloween? Wanting to go a bit more glam and less ghoulish? We couldn’t agree more! Chic Halloween decorations are an easy way to elevate your space and make it look pulled together at the same time. This type of look is perfect for your next party or gathering. 

spooky black and gold pumpkins with spiders

So where do you begin? Start by assessing pieces you already own. Keep what works and leave the rest packed away for another year. If you’re considering making a permanent switch, consider donating previously loved items to make way for new pieces. Some bits and baubles can be given a new glam life with a little DIY attention (hello metallic spray paint!)

Next, decide on a color palette. Do you want to mix metallics or stick with just one? Are you going with a full black and white only theme or mixing in a few colors? The choices are yours. Pro-tip: we recommend choosing colors that go with your home décor to avoid clashing. 

If you’re on the hunt for new chic pieces to add to the mix, look no further. We compiled the ultimate list of must-have items to make your Halloween the chicest event of the year. From doormats to wine glasses, to candles and artwork we’ve got it all covered right here. Save yourself the hassle of aimlessly looking through your local retailers or spending hours online. We did the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. 

Once you look through our chic list don’t miss our Frequently Asked Questions where we answer some of your most popular Halloween questions. 

teal, orange and yellow pumpkins on a white background

20 Chic Halloween Pieces 


Tabletop Skeleton

This 24 inch gunmetal tabletop skeleton is a one-of-a-kind piece that brings a little chic to any space. Add this posable skeleton with hinged joints to your shelf, dining table, bar cart, or charcuterie board in any position you choose. Although this item is made from high quality plastic, it is best kept indoors. We found this chic piece via high quality retailer Grandin Road. They are one of our go-to retailers for reliable and splurge worthy holiday decor. 


Mercury Glass Pumpkins

Could these pumpkins be any more classic and beautiful? We love the subtle color variation making them a perfect companion for many different color palettes and decor styles. Use these in your living room, kitchen, or entryway and get ready for loads of compliments. These are available individually or as a set and come in two sizes. Each one is handmade from soda lime glass. Bonus-these are made in a Fair Trade certified factory. 


Vintage Flicker Lights

Another high quality unique find from Grandin Road. This set of vintage inspired flickering lights is exactly what any chic Halloween display needs. The eerie orange light illuminates the dark bulb from the inside out casting a seriously spooky glow all around. Use these indoors or outdoors. Bonus-replacement bulbs are available and you can connect up to three strands together at once. 


Snake Candelabra

Talk about a showstopper! Check out this seriously rock-n-roll yet chic candelabra. The perfect addition to any glam space. Made from hand cast aluminum with an antique brass finish, this piece will wow all your friends. Pair it with 5 black, white, or purple candles for the ultimate cool Halloween vibe. 


Black Charcuterie Board

If you’re into charcuterie you must add a piece of this ebony collection to your Halloween set-up. Each board is made from one piece of solid 100% acacia wood, making it extra sturdy.  Use one at home or carry one to your fall charcuterie party with friends. Choose from four unique sizes and shapes, or better yet, grab more than one to be the ultimate Halloween host/hostess with the most/mostess! 


Faux Black Roses

Fill up those gorgeous vases or create a moody garland with the ultimate in chic floral-black roses. Use these roses year-after-year to get the most for your investment while also saving yourself time and energy searching for something new each year. This set comes with 30 individual and real to the touch roses sure to wow your guests. Each rose is in full bloom with enough pliable stem to fit just where you need it. Bonus-these are made of latex foam so they look more realistic than fabric florals. 


Glittery Pumpkins 

A fun six piece pumpkin set to add to your chic décor. This set comes with six foam pumpkins with polka dots, glitter and ombre patterns. Add these to a clear dish or garland for a little touch of chic just where you need it. Pro-tip, these are best kept as a part of your indoor décor. 


Black Bats

A step up from paper bats, these little flyers are made from pre-wired felt. Each set includes 12 bats and wall safe adhesive strips for easy set-up and clean-up. We love that each set has a few size variations in bats to keep the look interesting. You can pose each bat using the wired wings to achieve just the right look for your space. 


Skeleton Hand Wine Glasses 

With one quick glance, these stemless wine glasses scream high end glamorous Halloween. Can’t you see your family and friends decked out in their Halloween finest sipping your signature Halloween sangria from one of these glasses? These glasses might just be the excuse you need to throw that fancy Halloween dinner party of your dreams. Made from aluminum and glass for high quality retailer Grandin Road, you can be certain these glasses will last year-after-year 


Golden Pumpkins

These plastic and foam gilded gold pumpkins are ready to steal the show. They come as a set of 8, in assorted sizes, so you’ll have coordinating pumpkins for the mantle and the wooden bowl on the coffee table. It’s a win-win. These will also make a dreamy centerpiece or tablescape too. The options are endless. Bonus-you can reuse these yearly and the maintenance is a cinch. Wipe with a damp cloth and you’re all set. 


Flameless Candles

Add some ambience to your space with these moody and chic flameless candles. We love the Moving Gray or 3d Wick Gold color options. Both will give you the elevated look you’re searching for this season. These are super easy to use because the long lasting LED lights run on batteries and a remote control is included. Bonus-you can use these again for other holidays! 


Go2garden Solar Garden Lights

Welcome your guests and trick-or-treaters with these festive and unique lights. Each solar light casts a spooky but not scary pattern of stars and moons onto your sidewalk or walkway. Use these all month long, or put them out a few days before your event. Either way these are sure to delight anyone who approaches your door. Pro-tip, these are made of plastic and can be left outside in the rain. We recommend bringing them inside or placed in a garage during heavy rains or inclement weather. Better safe than sorry. 


Pre-Lit Twiggy Trees

These pre-lit twiggy trees are a must-have for any chic Halloween event. Use them individually or grab one each size for a really eye-catching display. We recommend these for use on fireplace hearths, front porches, entryways, or anywhere that needs a little light up magic this Halloween. 


Set of 3 Gold Pumpkins

This set of 3 golden pumpkins sets the tone for a perfectly glamorous Halloween in one easy step. We recommend displaying this trio all together for maximum impact. They will look amazing as part of your tablescape, across your decorative shelves, or even on top of your mantle. Each piece is extremely detailed and ornate. Your guests will be begging to know where you found them. Bonus-these are made from lightweight resin, so they look heavier and more expensive than they really are. 


Owl Witch Artwork

Do you change out any art pieces during the holidays? If not, we highly recommend you give it a try. It’s a fun and unexpected way to add more holiday flare to your space. This witchy owl is a great addition for a moody chic set-up. We love that this piece is canvas, but still comes in a frame. It takes the piece and your space to the next level in one fail (owl) swoop! 


Mini Skulls

Okay, okay these may not be for everyone, but they sure look cool. How fun will these be in a large wooden bowl filled with black pumpkins?! Right! Tres chic! You can also line them up along a bookshelf, or add them to your charcuterie boards. No matter where you place them this unique and durable set of 3 resin skulls will be fun to use again and again. 


Skull Wreath

Nothing says welcome to my glamorous Halloween party quite like this unique skull wreath. We love how it looks layered with a mirror. Made from highly durable materials and well constructed this wreath will last you for years to come. Pro-tip, keep this one indoors to avoid the damaging exposure to the elements. 


Gold Book Stack

This golden stack of books is full of witchy glam. Made from durable resin this piece will make a solid addition to your reusable Halloween décor. How great will it look on a bar cart or bookshelf come October? The gilded spider is the perfect cherry on top addition that takes this piece from boring to tres’ chic. 


Snake Glassware

We can’t decide which glass we like best, the double old fashioned, stemless wine or regular wine glass. Which do you prefer? We might just need them all!  Whichever combination you choose, you don’t need to stress. You can buy these glasses individually or in sets of 4 or 8. Display these proudly and get ready for loads of compliments. 


Modern Candle Holders

While not specifically a Halloween item, these are what we classify as holiday adjacent. They work well mixed in with festive bits and baubles to take your décor to the next level. They offer some form and function when paired with mercury glass pumpkins, bouquets of black roses, and table top skeletons. We love the hammered bronze look because it’s dark but not as stark as matte black. Each holder is available in three sizes and sold individually and as a set. 



How can I decorate my house to look classy for Halloween? 

Start by avoiding bright colors, traditional jack-o-lanterns, and cheesy pumpkins. Choose a glamorous metallic or muted color palette and stick with it. Only purchase items that fit within the color plan. Look for fancy items with a touch of spookiness. For example, mercury glass pumpkins, stemless wine glasses with festive designs, candelabras with flameless candles etc. Avoid anything that strays too spooky or too cutesy. 

Can I mix Halloween and Fall decorations?

Absolutely! Fall pumpkins and leaves are great additions to your Halloween decor. We love more bang for our buck and using pieces for multiple holidays. 

When should I put up my Halloween decorations?

This is a personal choice but a good rule of thumb is October 1 or after. If you love Halloween start in mid-September. Enjoy those pieces as long as you like. Sometimes we decorate inside in September and then outside in October. Do what works for you and have fun! 

Are Halloween trees a thing?

In the last few years Halloween trees have become more and more popular. Some use an existing Christmas tree they already own, while others purchase a specific tree just for Halloween. There are plenty of Halloween specific options out there from black tinsel to candy corn patterns. Grab some festive ribbon, garland, and ornaments and you’re all set. Get inspired with our Halloween Village Tree and a step-by-step guide in our Halloween Tree How To

Where are the best places to find chic and glamorous Halloween decor? 

This all depends on your style and the particular collections available in a given year. Our favorite options are West Elm, Grandin Road, Crate & Barrel, Kirkland’s, Amazon, Home Goods, and Target.

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