Halloween Gift Ideas for Teachers

Ghost mug with Halloween pencils and gift boxes on a table.

It’s that time of year to thank teachers for being Fab-BOO-lous! Whether it’s with a small card, a tasty treat or a fun gift you can’t go wrong. Teachers work hard and spend countless hours with our kids, so it’s only right that we spoil them whenever we can. 

However, it can be a bit overwhelming to know what to do for a teacher gift. Well worry no more, we’ve got you covered. In this article you’ll find everything you need to choose the right gift for the teacher(s) in your life. 

Start with our Buyer’s Guide for helpful tips. Then get inspired with our Top 8 Halloween Teacher Gift Ideas.

Finally, work out any last minute confusion with our FAQs section at the very end. Stick with us and we’ll get you ready to celebrate all your spook-tacular teachers this year!

Top 8 Halloween Gifts for Teachers

  1. A snack or family size bag of their favorite candy or snacks in a festive Halloween tote bag
  2. A gift card to their favorite big box or online retailer in a fun Halloween gift card envelope
  3. An item or two for the classroom from the teacher’s list such as tissues, pencils, or paints
  4. A group of all orange items for both classroom and personal use in a fun Halloween bucket-think orange bottle of soap, orange sticky notes, orange candy or candy that comes in an orange wrapper, orange popcorn, orange pencils etc. 
  5. A set of sticky notes or stationary for their desk and their favorite candy bar tied on top with a festive Halloween ribbon
  6. A gift card to their favorite restaurant or coffee spot in a spooky Halloween gift card container
  7. A set of the teacher’s favorite pencils, pens or highlighters in a fun Halloween gift bag
  8. A bouquet of fall flowers in a pretty vase. Some schools prohibit sending flowers so check in advance

Buyer’s Guide

School Gift Policy

Before running out to buy your child’s teacher a gift, be sure to locate and read the school’s gift policy or rules. Some are more specific than others. These can often be found in a parent handbook on the school or district website. 

Some schools do not allow teachers to accept cash gifts, but do allow gift cards. Other districts may discourage homemade food and treats.

It is always best to know the rules or guidelines before you decide on a gift for the teacher. This way there are no surprises and you do not leave the teacher in a position where they must refuse a gift. This can make everything awkward. 

Teacher’s Interests

Getting to know your child’s teacher can be fun. At the beginning of the year they generally offer quite a few clues into their personality and likes and dislikes. Think parent orientation or ‘about the teacher’ emails when teachers are assigned. 

Halloween is early in the school year, but hopefully by this time you have picked up on some clues to the teacher’s interests. Perhaps you know all about their love of animals and especially their dog-a boston terrier. Maybe they have shared their love of fishing, hiking, or scrapbooking with the class. 

When in doubt, always ask your child if the teacher has mentioned anything in the classroom. Knowing the teacher’s interests can go a long way when preparing a gift because you will have narrowed down your choices. You will also be getting closer to something the teacher may actually want or need-which is the goal. 

Types of Gifts

Before purchasing a gift you also want to consider the type of gift you want to give. 

Do you want to give the teacher something they can use for the classroom? These are supplies for students and could be used for any child in the classroom.

Think extra gloves for the kids who forget, extra pairs of scissors, boxes of tissues, or new crayons. Your child’s teacher has likely mentioned items they need for the classroom. Halloween is a great excuse to grab an item or two and send them in. 

Maybe you want to give a gift for the teacher to use in the classroom. These items are all things the teacher will use, not the students, and will likely remain at school to make the teacher’s life easier.

Consider personalized pencils or pens with the teacher’s name, a set of bookmarks so they can keep their teacher’s copy of each text book organized, personalized sticky notes, personalised or holiday lanyard, or a set of their favorite pens or highlighters. 

The final type of gift is purely for the teacher to use away from school. These are gifts that have nothing to do with school. Knowing the teacher’s interests will really help you out here.

Good gift options include gift cards to favorite restaurants, gift cards for major online or big box retailers, gift cards to a local gas station or a bag of their favorite candy or snacks. 

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Festive Packaging

Last but not least, make sure to wrap or bag your gift in the most festive Halloween packaging you can find. Lots of retailers sell Halloween themed gift card holders, gift bags, tissue paper, wrapping paper, and decorative containers. 

Don’t forget to add a Halloween card! This can be store bought or homemade. Have your child sign their name or write a message and you can do the same.

Remember, the gift is about supporting the teacher so kind personalized messages go a long way to make the teacher feel valued and appreciated. 


Do I need to buy a Halloween gift for my child’s teacher? 

No, but where’s the fun in that? Giving your child’s teacher a gift is less about the gift and more about showing your support.

You may not be able to volunteer in the classroom, for the PTA, or for the class field trip. However, a small gift with a note helps communicate your support for the teacher directly. This will certainly brighten their day! 

How much should I spend on a gift for my child’s teacher?

A good general rule of thumb is nothing over $50. Many school districts have policies for gifts that include dollar amounts as well as requirements such as no cash.

Be sure you know the rules before giving any gifts. If you don’t have time for that, a small gift or a gift card less than $50 is probably a safe bet. 

When should my child take their Halloween gift to their teacher?

A great time to take the gift is the day of the classroom Halloween party or the last day of school before Halloween. However, there are no rules here so take it when you like.

If the gift has a Halloween theme like orange and black pencils, a Halloween tumbler mug, or Halloween jewelry, taking the gift early is a great idea. This will give the teacher time to use the item(s) during the festive season instead of on the last day. 

What do teachers really want as gifts?

This all depends on the teacher. Useful gifts for the classroom are a great idea, or something for the teacher to enjoy at home. Gift cards are flexible allowing the teacher to choose what they need or want so this is our top recommendation.

We recommend that you AVOID the following; mugs, candles, homemade treats or sweets, cash, alcohol, beauty products like scented lotions, and perfume or cologne. Some of these items may trigger an allergic reaction in a child in the class or could be prohibited by the school or district.

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