How to wrap a present for Christmas or birthday gift giving

Whether you’re gifting a present on someone’s birthday, anniversary, or special occasion, making sure it looks just right can be quite the challenge. But don’t fret – by following our guide, you’ll be wrapping presents like a pro in no time! Let’s get started on transforming those boring cardboard boxes into beautifully wrapped pieces of art – the perfect way to make your gifts stand out from the crowd.


Present wrapping is an art form. It may seem like an intimidating or tedious task, but with the right tools, a few easy steps, and some practice you can wrap gifts like a pro in no time at all! This guide will walk you through the basics of gift wrapping to help you create beautiful packages for your friends and family. With the tips outlined here, you’ll be ready to tackle almost any present that comes your way. Let’s get started!

The following steps will help you wrap gifts like a pro:

  1. Gather the necessary tools: wrapping paper, scissors, tape, and a ribbon or bow.
  2. Measure the paper. Cut a piece of wrapping paper that is slightly larger than the gift.
  3. Place the gift in the center of the paper. Make sure that the top of the gift is facing down.
  4. Fold the edges of the paper inwards. Secure them with tape.
  5. Tie a ribbon or bow around the package.
  6. Decorate your package with stickers, tags, or other embellishments.

Gather Materials

Before you get started, gather all of the materials you will need for wrapping your present. Materials such as wrapping paper, tape, scissors and decorative items should be available to use. Determine the size of the gift that you are wrapping and obtain sufficient supplies to complete the task including enough paper to cover the box or the shape of the object. If your present is a cylindrical shape, make sure to have curve-friendly wrapping paper.

Choose a colorful pattern or holiday classic design to enhance your presentation. Gift tags, bows, ribbon and other creative additions can give your presentation extra flare. Have all of these accessories ready before beginning this project so that everything runs smoothly.

Choose a Gift Box

Choosing the right gift box for your gift is an important first step in creating a great presentation. If you have a larger item or one that is oddly shaped, consider using a custom, or ready-made, box. This can be important as it will allow you to easily slide the item inside and avoid any extra wrapping that could take away from the effect of your present.

If you decide to choose a gift bag instead of a box, make sure to stuff it with crinkled tissue to give it some extra protection for transport.

Prepare the Gift Box

Before wrapping your present, it is important to properly prep the gift box. This includes making sure that all edges of the box are smooth, that it is not too bulky, and that any sticker labels have been removed. If you are wrapping a handmade gift, you should also make sure there are no sharp edges sticking out. Try not to cover up any labels or artwork that may be on the package already. Lastly, make sure both ends of the box are closed properly.

Once your gift box is prepped and ready for wrapping, it’s time to move on to choosing the type of wrapping paper and ribbon you need for your presentation:

  • Choosing the type of wrapping paper.
  • Choosing the type of ribbon.

Wrap the Gift Box

Wrapping the gift box is a simple process that requires basic wrapping skills and materials. To begin, you will need wrapping paper, tissue paper, scissors, a ruler, double-sided tape or sticky tape, ribbon and a gift tag.

Start by measuring the gift and cutting the wrapping paper to size. Make sure to have enough paper to cover all sides of the box with at least 1-2 inches extra on each side for overlapping edges. Next, use the ruler to help smooth out any creases in the paper before laying it flat on a table or other work surface. At this point you can add any design elements to your wrap such as ribbon or bows.

When your design is ready, place the gift box in one corner of wrapped paper and fold two opposite sides of the wrap over it so they meet in the middle of your package – called mitering – much like you’d wrap a tray or plate when packing for travel. Tape these folds with double sided tape so they won’t come loose while handling. Repeat on two remaining corners until all four sides are taped down securely. A few pieces of additional tape may not hurt if needed at stress points where papers meet that may come apart if pushed too hard during shipping or travel.

Finally add tissue paper for decoration (or concealment) as desired and secure with some coordination colored ribbons. Add finishing touches such as gift tags or bows depending on your preference before presenting!

Add Decorative Touches

Adding a few decorative touches to the package can be a pleasing way to finish the wrapping of your present. Consider tying pretty ribbons around it in a bow– it’s a simple way to add a festive touch. If you want to make your gift extra-special, adorn it with sprigs of greenery or colorful fabric flowers. You can also decorate with sequin trim and paper lace for an elegant look. Glitter, painted leaves, and images cut from magazines and newspapers will also create unique designs for attractive packages.

Lastly, if you have time, making hand-crafted paper roses or pom-poms out of tissue paper is another creative decorative touch that your recipient will love!

Finalize Your Present

Before you get to the bow, tie a scrap ribbon, string or raffia vertically around the box. This ribbon stabilizes the bow and keeps it from slipping off your package. If you don’t have ribbon or twine – no worries—you can use a rubber band.

Now you’re ready to adorn the present with a stylish and well-constructed bow. Use pieces of different colored ribbons to make it look more dynamic – two shades of purple look great together, for example – or add holly sprigs or other decorative elements. When using wide ribbons (2 inches or more), try folding them in half lengthwise and securing them with glue before adding them to your gift wrapping arrangement.

To tie it together, begin by making loops out of different lengths of ribbon, rolling each one between your fingers for an even shape. Secure the loops with probably another piece of scrap twine or florist wire before placing it on the box. Make sure all four ribbons are equidistant from each other and then pull up the middle tightly so all four panel connect in the center like an asterisk. Tie in place with thread from underneath so that only a single knot shows on top – voilà! All done – now it’s time for your recipient to enjoy their present!

Maintenance & Storage

Once you’ve finished wrapping a present, you should store it away in a safe, dark place. However, if you need to save the gift for later, be sure to properly care for it. Wrapping paper can easily be crushed and wrinkled, bows can come undone and the whole effect will be ruined if nothing else is done.

Here are some tips for properly caring and storing your gifts:

  • Store each gift in its own plastic bag to keep moisture at bay.
  • Keep pieces of excess wrapping paper in an airtight container along with an extra roll of paper just in case tears or damages occur.
  • For larger items that won’t fit inside bags or containers, use bubble wrap or packing peanuts to protect them in storage.
  • Make sure all the pieces of the gift are placed together so they don’t get lost during moving or transport.
  • Use tags or labels on packages so that you know what’s inside when it comes time to unwrap them all again!
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