Ultimate Guide To Creating A Harry Potter Christmas Tree 2022

Female watching Harry Potter on large projection screen with Christmas lights and tree nearby.

If I could go to a fictional place for Christmas it would definitely be Hogwarts and Hogsmeade.  What a magical and merry time that would be.  The house scarves, robes, Christmas crackers, butterbeer and cozy common rooms. I can feel the snow and almost smell the yummy treats. Ahh take me there now! 

My favorite part of visiting would of course be the 12 Christmas trees in the Great Hall. Wouldn’t that be something to see? They are described so well in the books and showcased so well in the films. Some of my all time favorite Christmas trees.

To achieve a similar feeling here in the land of muggles, you need look no further. Here is the ultimate guide to all the festive finds you need to create your own Harry Potter Christmas Tree.

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From classic to whimsical you set the tone with your choice of tree. There are lots of ideal options to serve as the backdrop to all your Harry Potter bits and baubles this year. From slim to full size and traditional to tinsel- there really is something for every style, space and budget. Here are some of our favorites available this year. 

7.5 Foot Slim Carolina Pine

National Tree Company Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree | Includes Pre-strung White Lights and Stand | Carolina Pine Slim - 7.5 ft

A Carolina Pine is a great fit for Harry Potter because the branches are full and fluffy-perfect for all your decorations. This one has great color to add dimension to the tree and is a great space saver. You get the height (and space for all the bits and baubles) without all the width. 

7 Foot White North Valley Spruce

National Tree Company Pre-Lit Artificial Full Christmas Tree, White, North Valley Spruce, White Lights, Includes Stand, 7 Feet

Your decorations will really shine on a white tree. This one is available in 4.5 feet, 7.5 feet and 9 feet. A great option for table tops or focal point trees. 

6 Foot Tinsel Tree In White

National Tree Company Artificial Christmas Tree, White Tinsel, Includes Stand, 6 feet

This is a delightful tree for smaller spaces. All the height with none of the width. A great option to tuck away in a bedroom, kitchen or tv room. The tinsel finish also adds a nice dose of whimsy and reflects the light. 

7.5 Foot Flocked Pine

Best Choice Products 7.5ft Premium Snow Flocked Artificial Holiday Christmas Pine Tree for Home, Office, Party Decoration w/ 1,346 Branch Tips, Metal Hinges & Foldable Base

If you want a tree that looks like it’s freshly plucked from the fields near Hogsmeade this is the tree for you. Great fluffy branches filled with faux snow. As with any flocked tree, there may need to be some initial clean-up after setting up, but this beauty is definitely worth it. 

Unlit 6 Foot Pencil

Goplus 6FT Pencil Christmas Tree, Artificial Slim Christmas Tree, 400 Branch Tips, Premium PVC Needles, with Sturdy Metal Stand, Unlit XmasTree for Home Office Shops Hotels

Do you want to add your own lights? If so, this is the tree for you. A great size for lots of spaces and a completely blank slate. Take this tree in any direction you choose. 

6 Foot Tinsel Tree In Black 

National Tree Company Artificial Christmas Tree, Black Tinsel, Includes Stand, 6 feet

This is another fun tinsel option. Ornaments, garlands and ribbons will really shine on this background. A good size and if you have the space, you could set this up on a table for extra drama. 

Tree Toppers

The real cherry on top of the tree is of course the tree topper. There are four really stand out options this year. Which is your favorite? 

Hallmark Storyteller Hogwarts Tree Topper With Lights And Sound

Hallmark Keepsake Harry Potter Collection Hogwarts Castle Storytellers Musical Christmas Tree Topper With Light

This is the ultimate in Christmas tree toppers! Hogwarts with lights and sounds measuring about 10 inches and weighing around 3 pounds.  One a scale of 1-10 I like it 9 ¾! 

Sorting Hat

Disguise Harry Potter Sorting Hat, Costume Accessory for Kids, Childrens Size (107759) Brown

While this is technically not a tree topper it will work. It’s a child size sorting hat so it will work for a variety of tree sizes.  All you need is some foam and floral wire. You should be able to attach this in a jiffy. You may even be able to balance it on the foam without permanently attaching so you could keep the hat for other uses as well.  

Stained Glass Star

Multi Colored Star, Moravian Stained Glass Star or Tree Topper in Two Sizes

Bring an unexpected wow factor with this topper. Doesn’t it look like it could have been a prop from the movies on top of a tree in Molly Weasley’s kitchen or Harry and Ginny’s first Christmas tree? Such a colorful and unique option. 

Stuffed Snowy Owl

Douglas Wizard Snowy Owl Plush Stuffed Animal

A fun topper sure to bring smiles this year. Find a location just below the top of the tree, about 3 or 4 inches down, where you can perch the owl on a branch to provide support underneath and behind. Next add a little floral wire attached around each of the ankles to secure. Display on his own or add a festive ribbon behind and you’re all set. 

Garland And Ribbon

No tree is complete without a little depth and dimension. That is just what garland and ribbon can do for your tree. Stringing or looping it throughout, using it as a highlight element, or creating bows, the options for garland and ribbon are almost endless. 

Expecto Patronum Garland

Expecto Patronum Garland

This seller has the coolest Harry Potter garland on the market. At 2.5 inches wide and 20 inches in length this is a great addition to any size tree. It has wired edges for easy positioning as well. In the review section you can see photos of the garland on several different tree shapes and sizes. 

I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good Garland

I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good Garland

Another great option for the same seller immediately above. This option comes in five separate garland pieces ranging in length from 11 inches to 16 inches. A great set with wired edges for flexible positioning. A must-have for any Potter inspired tree. 

Happy Christmas Garland

Happy Christmas Garland

Another fun piece that allows for a completely magical inspired tree. This garland is 2.5 inches wide, 19 inches long and features red glitter on the iconic Harry Potter typography. Sold individually or as multiples. 

Repeating House Ribbon

Harry Potter Movie Houses 1 inch Wide Repeat Ribbon Sold in Yards (10 Yards)

This fun ribbon displays all of the Harry Potter houses in a repeating pattern. A necessary addition to any Potter inspired tree. You could use this as garland, make bows to hang solid color ornament hangers, or even create a bow tree topper. Keep in mind this ribbon is 1 inch wide. This makes it better suited to shorter and slimmer trees-otherwise it will get lost. 


Can you ever have too many lights? No way! Add these fun sets to an unlit or pre-lit tree. I like to add them as a secondary light source. Novelty shaped lights aren’t always as bright as regular light strands.

These all bring the whimsy, but don’t have to bear the burden of bringing light to the entire tree. They are perfect for hanging near the tips of the branches to showcase the unique decorations and illuminating a more exterior part of the tree. 

Winged Keys String Lights

Winged Keys String Lights

This delicate set of keys with small fairy lights is just the piece needed to bring your Harry Potter tree to life. There are 8 keys and 15 lights per strand. Use sparingly or fill the tree-you make the call. Either way these will look great. 

Golden Snitch String Lights 

Golden Snitch String Lights 

Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a gorgeous light set. Battery operated with LED lights make these very flexible to use on a table top or full size tree. 

Globe String Lights

Globe Battery Operated String Lights with Timer - RECESKY 60 LED 29ft Crystal Ball Decor Lighting for Outdoor Indoor Garden Party House Garland Ornament Christmas Tree Decorations - Warm White

Whether you have an unlit or prelit tree this set adds that extra something special. Don’t these look like they could be hanging around Honeyduke’s or the Gryffindor common room? (That is if they didn’t have magic floating candles). The perfect accessory without stealing the show. 


Ornaments are to Christmas trees what icing is to Christmas cookies. The pop of pizazz to take everything to the next level. They add depth and detail in just the right places. To achieve a balanced look consider the rule of ornament thirds. 

One third of the total ornaments on the tree will be solid or simple ornaments to serve as a filler and bring consistency to the tree. Think solid colored balls in one or two colors. These could be solid red balls, balls with house insignia, or balls with a small detail such as Harry’s glasses etc.

As long as they aren’t too detailed. One third will be an ornament with a unique shape. Think flying keys, Harry’s glasses, or character ornaments in the same style (felt, Hallmark, FunkoPop etc.) they need to go together as a set even if they aren’t sold that way.  The final third of the ornaments will be unique pieces that don’t need to match or coordinate.

Just pieces you love. Perhaps a crocheted snitch or an ornament you picked up on vacation to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 

Keep the rule of thirds in mind as you consider the many Harry Potter ornament options. If you’re unsure on how many ornaments you need, be sure to check out How to Find the Perfect Number of Ornaments for Your Christmas Tree. 

Daily Prophet Ornaments

Daily Prophet Ornaments

Figurine Ornament

figurine ornament

Harry’s Glasses Ornament

Harry’s Glasses Ornament

Book Replica Ornament Set (7)

40 Piece Ultimate Ornament Set

Antique Gold Ornaments

antique gold ornaments

Set Of 30 Flying Key Ornaments

Kurt S. Adler Personalized Monogrammed Harry Potter Magical Marauders Map Christmas Stocking - 18 Inches

Harry Diorama Ornament

Draco Diorama Ornament

Floating Candles- With Some Fishing Line These Could Easily Be Ornaments Or Hung Around The Tree!

Raycare 12PCS LED Flameless Taper Candle Lights, Flickering Flame Floating Candles, Battery Operated Tapered Candles for Party, Church, Christmas Decorations

Hallmark Sorting Hat

Hallmark Harry Potter Sorting Hat Christmas Ornament

Don’t Let Muggles Get You Down Ornament

Why So Sirius Ornament

McGonagall Diorama Ornament

Dumbledore Diorama Ornament

Funko Doby Ornament

Funko Doby Ornament

Harry And Parvati Yule Ball Diorama Ornament

Mini Harry And Ron Sweater Ornaments

Mini Harry And Ron Sweater Ornaments

Draco Slytherin Ornament 

Harry Acrylic Ornament

Plush Character Ornaments

Plush Character Ornaments

Hogwarts Express Ornament

Hogwarts Express Ornament

Hallmark Hermione On Broomstick Ornament

Hallmark Christmas Ornaments, Harry Potter, Hermione on Broomstick Ornament

Wooden Ornaments-Personalization Available

Wooden Sign Ornament

Wooden Sign Ornament

Hallmark Hogwarts Crest

Hallmark Christmas Ornaments, Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Ornament

Felt Plush Ornaments

Felt Plush Ornaments

Recycled Book Ornaments

Recycled Book Ornaments

Wooden House Seal Ornaments

Wooden House Seal Ornaments

6 Ornament Set Silver Or Gold

Snowy Hogwarts Wooden Ornament

Snowy Hogwarts Wooden Ornament

Wooden Mandrake Ornament

Wooden Mandrake Ornament

Flying Ford Anglia Ornament

Personalized Wedding Ornament

Personalized Wedding Ornament

Tales of Beedle And Bard Ornament

Modern Wood Ornaments

Noble Collection Ornament Set

The Noble Collection Harry Potter's Hogwarts Tree Ornament

Noble Collection House Mascot Set

The Noble Collection Harry Potter House Mascot Ornaments

No matter how you decorate your Harry Potter tree this year, have a very merry and magical festive season! 

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