24 Must Have Harry Potter Stocking Stuffers And Advent Calendars 2022

Hogwarts Castle at Universal Studios theme park,

Calling all Harry Potter fans (or friends and family of Harry Potter fans)! Let’s spend Christmas at Hogwarts this year. That’s right, get your house scarf ready because the snow will be falling on Hogsmeade any minute and Christmas will be here before we know it. 

Any ultimate fan of Harry Potter has likely noticed the healthy dose of Christmas in several of the books and films. Christmas is so prevalent some could argue it is almost it’s own character. (Be sure to check out our bonus section at the end of this article which includes a Harry Potter Christmas Scenes Quick Reference Guide for the films).  

With Christmas comes the opportunity to indulge in some rare fan experiences such as advent calendars and fun stocking stuffers. Advent calendars will give Potterheads the chance to have a little Harry Potter magic each day of the festive season. What’s not to love about that?

So fun! While stocking stuffers offer a lot of flexibility to enjoy all kinds of unique and fun Potter pieces as part of Christmas day. Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom as these festive Harry Potter finds are not to be missed. 

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Advent Calendars

Advent calendars add magic to any regular Christmas season, but even more when it’s a Harry Potter advent calendar. Fans will love these fun and festive options. Each comes with small surprises to be discovered every day from December 1-24. Figurines, small trinkets, legos, socks etc.- each one is sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. These are ideal for gifting to fans near and far. 

Harry Potter Holiday Magic: The Official Advent Calendar 2021

Amazon product

NEW for 2021! This calendar is gorgeous and could double as a festive piece of decor to leave out on a bookshelf or desk. The surprises are small momentos wrapped inside beautifully decorated envelopes. Bonus-you can have this one shipped directly to the recipient so they are ready to go on December 1! 

Funko Pop 2020 Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Amazon product

Funko Pop for the win! We are obsessed with all things Funko here at Festive Finds. We love the whimsy and the detail in each piece. This advent calendar is no different. It comes with 24 mini vinyl figurines of your favorite Harry Potter characters. These are part of the Pocket Pop line so they are tiny, but great to display as a set all year long. 

Lego 2020 Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Amazon product

It doesn’t get more classic, or high quality, than a set of LEGOs. Unless, you’re looking for a timeless advent calendar to enjoy again and again. This one does both. Behind the 24 doors are a combination of items, some figurines and some additional pieces for a total of 335 pieces. You won’t be sorry if you gift this set! 

Funko Pop 2019 Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Amazon product

We know, we know, but just in case you missed the 2019 calendar it’s still available and just as great as the others. This one is also a high quality Pocket Pop edition with 24 mini vinyl figurines. A great gift for a new Harry Potter fan! 

Paladone Harry Potter Socks

Amazon product

A unique and fun 12 day advent calendar. This one of course comes with 12 pairs of socks in a variety of patterns. 5 pairs are a short style and 7 are a longer style. Make sure you check the size chart to be sure your recipient can fit in the socks before purchasing. 

Harry Potter Cinereplicas

Amazon product

If you’re looking for an advent calendar with a wide variety of surprise items-this one’s for you! This one comes with a pair of socks, keychain, jewelry, stamps, patches, pins, etc. A really fun assortment! 

Stocking Stuffers

This year prepare to stuff those stockings with plenty of Potter inspired pieces. From candy slugs that would make any Weasley proud to ornament surprise bags, keychains, stickers, bookmarks etc. The list goes on and on-Siriusly (you see what I did there?). All jokes aside, enjoy this magically curated list to share a bit of Harry Potter nostalgia with someone you love this holiday season. 

Harry Potter Jelly Slugs Candy

Amazon product

A cute piece to have peeking out the top of the stocking this year. Your superfan will feel like they are in their favorite scenes while enjoying this sweet treat! 

Harry Potter Chocolate Frog Candy

Amazon product

The chocolate frog is so memorable in the series-it’s unforgettable. This piece is a must-have for any super fan stocking this year. Grab them one, or maybe 2, and watch their eyes light up! 

Jelly Belly Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans

Amazon product

Candy, candy, more candy! These candies inspired by the film will be a winner. The perfect stocking stuffer size for you and sugar for them. A win-win! As a Jelly Belly product you can be assured of the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing. 

Assorted Key Chains

Assorted Key Chains

Your Potterhead will be totally stunned at these high quality key chains. Each one has superior detailing and quality craftsmanship. Perfect for keys or to use as an accessory for a tote bag etc. They will love it and you will not be disappointed! 

Crochet Dolls

Crochet Dolls

If you’re looking for something totally unique, this is it! Handmade crochet small figures . Perfect to display on a bookshelf, bed, or desk. Could they be any cuter? Grab one or grab the set of 3! 

Hallmark Ornament Surprise Bag

Amazon product

Surprise them with a surprise bag this year. Each bag contains one mini Hallmark ornament featuring a Harry Potter character. With Hallmark you can be assured of quality and cuteness. A piece to keep for years and years. 

Golden Snitch KeyRing

Amazon product

Help your fan to stay organized or accessorized with this adorable golden snitch keyring. Your fan can use it for their keys, or as a decoration for their purse, backpack or gym bag. The perfect little piece to stuff inside a stocking this year. 

Hogwarts House Scrunchie

Hogwarts House Scrunchie

Stuffed Snitch

Make their holiday with this adorable stuffed snitch! This handmade crochet piece is completely unique and will make a great addition to a bookshelf, chair or dorm room. Measuring 13 inches it’s big enough to make an impact and the perfect size to be a stocking stuffer. 

Pencil Topper Set

Amazon product

Accessorize their pencil case and make them the envy of the classroom this year! These pencil toppers could not be any better. Bonus- there are several sets with a wide variety of characters to choose from too! 

Set Of 3 Plush Keychains

Amazon product

Okay, we’re shook! This set of 3 adorable plush keychains is so, so good! Perfect to use in one stocking or split between 3 fans. A great accessory for recipients to use in backpacks, gym bags, or purses. Bonus-there are currently 3 character combo packs to choose from. 

Harry Potter Coloring Book

Amazon product

You may have to stretch the stocking to make this one fit, but boy is it worth it. Just check out the reviews online! The designs are fairly detailed, but it will work for kids or adults. A great creative and non-candy option for any fan. 

Harry Potter Uno Premium Set

Amazon product

Your plans for Christmas afternoon are all set with this Uno set featuring Harry Potter. A fun game combined with a great book/film series is a win-win for all. Bonus-this set is the perfect size for travel for an upcoming trip or a trip back home after the holidays. 

2 Pairs Ugly Sweater Style Socks

Amazon product

Who doesn’t secretly love cozy socks for Christmas? This set features house Gryffindor. These will fit fans who can wear men’s shoe size 12 or smaller. Bonus-split the set between 2 fans. 

3D Foam Bag Clip Surprise Bag

Amazon product

This surprise bag is one of our favorites. Each bag comes with one large mystery foam character with a bag clip. Perfect for backpacks, purses or tote bags. Which one will your fan get? 

Set Of 50 Vinyl Stickers

Amazon product

Stickers for here. Stickers for there. Stickers, stickers…everywhere! Gotta love a quality vinyl sticker set. Recipients will love to use these on tech gear, notebooks and more. Bonus-if you have two fans you can split the set- 2 birds with one stone. Easy peasy. 

Funko Mystery Mini Snow Globe Surprise Bag

Amazon product

Gotta love a surprise bag! This one by quality manufacturer Funko is a guaranteed hit. Inside recipients will find one cute little Harry Potter character snow globe. Each one is in a blind bag, so you’ll never know which it is until Christmas morning! 

Pez Dispenser Set Of 4

Amazon product

The cutest Pez dispensers on the market (and that’s saying something!) This set comes with Harry, Hermione, Ron and Dumbledore. Bonus-this keepsake tin will look extra cute peeking out the top of the stocking on Christmas morning! 

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Harry Potter Christmas Scenes Quick Reference Guide

Which Harry Potter Christmas film scene is your favorite? It’s a toss up for me between Harry’s heartwarming first Christmas at Hogwarts and the grandeur of the Yule Ball.  Such magical moments.  What I wouldn’t give to see those 12 Christmas trees in the Great Hall too!  

Absolute perfection was achieved in the books and movies for each holiday scene from heartwarming to hopeless.  So much so that many consider Harry Potter movies to be Christmas films. You can often find the series as a part of Christmas movie marathons on major networks during the month of December or being promoted across streaming platforms. 

The series is definitely mandatory viewing at my house during the holiday season.  However, sometimes time is tight and (gasp!) we can’t fit them all in. Therefore, we choose based on the Christmas scene(s). Here is the definitive list for each film. Happy Harry Christmas viewing muggle friends! 

Sorcerer’s Stone

The first Christmas Harry experiences in the series, at Hogwarts, or many could argue his first happy Christmas ever. Harry’s life has changed dramatically in a short time and he now has several things he’s always been missing-friendship, love, hope, acceptance, and a safe place to call home. 

The presents are a nice bonus too!  The scene with matching H and R sweaters always gives me the warm fuzzies. Wizards’ chess in an elaborate decorated Great Hall is a real treat as well. 

Chamber Of Secrets

The innocence of Christmas as a child/tween is still palpable here.  There’s excitement, but the main characters are embarking on a tricky mission which is why they stay at Hogwarts.  A little danger, some mystery, and some hold your breath moments for sure. 

However, the Great Hall scene still brings the magic and warmth of the holiday season. Don’t miss the short but stunning sequence with horse drawn carriages galloping across the snow in front of Hogwarts too.  Well done to all who made this gorgeous sequence possible.  

Prisoner Of Azkaban

Hogsmeade. That’s it, that’s the post. Just kidding, but seriously the beyond picturesque snow covered village, Honeyduke’s and butterbeer. Christmas practically jumps off the screen. Oh and Harry gets a Firebolt. Yes! 

Goblet Of Fire

The Yule Ball!! Ahhh-absolutely stunning!  The formal wizard wear, the gowns, the ice, the music-what’s not to love?  Actually, the moments aren’t all magical for the characters, but the scenes are a delight for the eyes.  Plus we get to see Dobby gift Harry a present-spoiler-it’s socks. 

Order Of The Phoenix

Harry’s first Christmas away from Hogwarts, but not before his first kiss.  Such a sweet Christmasy moment under the mistletoe. Christmas with Sirius is one of the highlights for the series as it’s the first semblance of a real family outside of Hogwarts Harry has experienced.  It’s enhanced when his Hogwarts friends/family join him.  

Half-Blood Prince

Things are getting intense in the wizarding world, but we still see Christmas come and go (mainly in the background) in this film.  Festive decorations are on point complete with lots of mistletoe.  My school never had mistletoe. Did yours? I digress. Harry gets his worst gift, maggots from Kreacher.  Not my ideal gift at all. Worst of all the Burrow is attacked on Christmas by deatheaters. 

Deathly Hallows Part 1

A heavy and dark Christmas at Godrick’s Hollow. For Harry seeing his parent’s grave is a BIG moment.  The main characters are running out of steam as they work to find the horcruxes. The background of Godrick’s Hollow is gorgeous, almost as beautiful as Hogsmeade, but with a weighty sadness.  

Deathly Hallows Part 2

Since the book was split into two movies, there’s no Christmas here.  Still a great wrap-up for the series, but no trees, butterbeer or presents in sight. Sigh. 

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