What To Put In Halloween Goodie Bags

Whether you are hosting a Halloween party for your children and their friends, or you are handing out Halloween goodie bags to trick or treaters, choosing the best items is important.

While candy and chocolate make a great addition to a Halloween goodie bag, there are also other great pieces you could include.

That is the great thing about holiday seasons, they allow you to tune into your creative side. 

To help you with some ideas, we have compiled a list of suggestions of what to put in a Halloween goodie bag. We have included a range of different things from quintessential Halloween candy to quick and easy craft ideas. 

We hope that you will find this article spooktacularly helpful!

Candy Corn

Let’s be real here, love it or hate it, it is simply not Halloween without candy corn! Even though it does divide people in their opinions on it, we think that you should still include a small handful of candy corn in a Halloween goody bag. 

Spider Rings

You’ve likely seen these at some point, possibly topping a cupcake at the local bakery. These little cuties are a great option for goodie bags. You can grab these in several different bulk sizes from your local party store, big box retailer, or online. They are often available in black, but you may be able to find assorted color options as well.

Ghost Fruit

If you do not want to use toffee, why not get creative and make ghost fruit instead? 

Take a fruit such as an apple or a strawberry and dip it into white chocolate. When the chocolate dries, you can use milk chocolate or icing to draw two eyes and a mouth on the fruit – viola ghost fruit!

Gummy Worms

Gummy worms are another great addition to a Halloween goody bag. While they can be purchased all year round, all things creepy and crawly can be linked to Halloween. Popping a few of these into the goodie bag can be a great choice.

An assortment of chocolate and candy

If you are not overly artistic or fond of baking, there is nothing wrong with purchasing a multi-bag or box of assorted chocolate and candy to share out between the goodie bags. These are usually fairly inexpensive to purchase too. 

Werewolf Poop

A fun way of incorporating some healthier treats into the Halloween goody bags is by disguising them as something else. For example, you could pop a handful of raisins into a clear bag and tie it with a small ribbon or string. 

You could then print off a label saying “werewolf poop.”

Word Searches and Puzzles

While sweet treats are a great addition to a Halloween goody bag, why not print out some spooky-themed puzzles and word searches to include? 

Children can enjoy this activity while eating their other treats.

Make Your Own Spider Kit

Arts and crafts are another way to keep children entertained. You could include a make your spider kit, which includes easy instructions on how to do this. 

The supplies you will need to purchase can be bought in bulk at a fairly reasonable price. You will need to purchase black pipe cleaners, bobbly eyes, and black pom poms. 

All they will need is some scissors and glue to cut the legs and glue it all together!


Bubbles are a winner for the majority of children and will keep them entertained and occupied for a good while. Many shops will sell Halloween-specific bubbles around the spooky season. They can often be purchased in bulk and are fairly inexpensive overall. 


Depending on the age range, a few stickers in each goodie bag is a good idea. Not only are they inexpensive to purchase, but the majority of children enjoy receiving stickers. 

Glow Sticks

Children love glow sticks, and they can be a great addition to a goodie bag. However, we would recommend that these are given to older children due to the potential of them breaking.

Ghost Suckers

Maybe you’ve received or made one of these adorable little ghosts in the past. They have been around a while and make a fun DIY to add to any goodie bag. All you need to do is purchase the following: candy suckers (any shape is great but domed suckers like Tootsie Pops work very well); some white napkins, Kleenex or tissue paper; ribbon or rubber bands; and a black marker. Drop the napkin or tissue directly over the top of the sucker and secure around the base, where the candy meets the stick, with ribbon or rubber band. The sucker candy should be covered and the remaining tissue should drape down partially covering the stick. Draw a smiley or spooky face directly on the tissue with the black marker. You’re all set!

Curly Straws

Curly straws bring the fun to any beverage! You can find these in lots of different colors, shapes and quantities. Even if you can’t find one with a holiday shape, assorted bright colors are always a hit.

Temporary Tattoos

Around the Halloween season, there are usually temporary tattoos that you can purchase in bulk. These come n all sorts of fun designs, shapes and sizes. A fun addition to the goodie bag. 

Dracula Teeth Cookies

Dracula cookies can be a fun and creative way of incorporating cookies into a Halloween goodie bag. You could either bake your cookies or use store-bought ones. 

Spread some red icing on one side of the cookie and then split the cookie in half. On the curved edge of one-half of the cookie place mini marshmallows around the curve, from edge to edge. 

Next place the other half of the cookie on top of the marshmallows with the icing facing the marshmallows and you have resembled Dracula’s teeth! To create the fangs, you can use some white icing sugar and draw them on to finish. 

Not only do they look good, but they taste fangtastic too!

Start Assembling Your Bags

We hope this article helped to give you some inspiration on what you could potentially include in a Halloween goody bag. As you can see, there are so many different ideas you can come up with.

The most important thing to remember is that it does not have to be expensive. If you enjoy arts and crafts, and baking, you can go down these avenues and let your creativity run free. 

Alternatively, if you are looking for some quick and easy ideas, there are many cool items you can find in-store or online for only a few dollars.

 We hope you have a hauntingly fun time creating the goodie bags!

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