25 Unique And Unexpected Christmas Tree Toppers 2022

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If you want to give your tree a new look this year, you have come to the right place.  A new topper is just what you need. The tree topper sets the tone and style for your tree. It’s truly the cherry on top of all your Christmas décor. 

There are so many amazing tree toppers out there from simple to glam, motorized, whimsical, and more. We scoured the internet to bring you the most unique and unexpected options to enhance your holiday this year! 

Don’t miss our Buyer’s Guide and Tree Topper FAQs at the end of this article. There are some can’t miss tips to make sure you and your tree topper are ready for the festive season!

Spinning Silver Snowflake Projector

Amazon product

Get a ceiling full of snowflakes for under $30! This part tree topper, part light projector is a winning combination. It will steal the show at your holiday party or lull you into tranquility as you sip hot cocoa under a warm blanket.

This model includes a sturdy clip to secure it to your tree for easy stress-free installation and use. Get ready to bring the wow factor for years to come! 

LED MultiColor Snowflake Tree Topper

Amazon product

Bring the fun to any space with this bright topper! With multicolored LED lights, in 10 different modes, this one is sure to add some excitement to your living room. Bonus- it has a timer and a wireless remote control!

Easy to set-up and use. It is on the heavier end of toppers, so secure the base with floral wire, pipe cleaners, or zip ties for maximum security. 

Santa Claus Flying an Airplane

Amazon product

Wow! This is seriously the coolest topper ever! *Adds to cart* Santa flies his plane about 20 inches from the base of the lit star in his motorized plane around and around the tree. Kids will love this one! Adults will love this one!

Heck everyone will love this one. You can rest assured of quality as this pieces comes from reputable Mr. Christmas who has been making mechanical and musical home decorations for over 85 years. Bonus-it’s lightweight at about 1 pound, so it’s an ideal topper. Installation will be a breeze.

Stained Glass Star

Amazon product

Bring the unexpected wow factor with this one-of-a-kind topper. Handmade with care from glass and zinc using the Tiffany method. This star can also be customized with specific colors for an additional charge. If your tree is over 4 feet be sure to select the large or XL size so the star will be balanced with the rest of the tree. 

Personalized Wire Name

Personalized Wire Name

Simple perfection! A great gift for newlyweds! This topper is handcrafted by the artisan in stainless steel and completely customizable. 5 color finishes available; gold, silver, copper, white, and black. Which color will you choose? 

Swarovski Crystal Topper 

Amazon product

For the luxury lovers. Give me a tree topper but make it fashion! This one is gorgeous and glitzy. Not to mention delicate, so be careful and store this one thoughtfully.  Swarovski has been a high quality manufacturer of all things decorative and gorgeous for over 100 years. This piece is no exception. 

Modern Glam Golden Deer with Lights

Get in my cart right now! This topper is equal parts adorable, modern and trendy. I can’t get enough. Made from sturdy metal and lined with 73 warm LED lights this is sure to make you smile every time you see it. Not to mention wowing all your neighbors and friends, Get this topper and you will definitely want to move your topper in front of a window this year. 

Bethlehem Twinkly Star

Bethlehem Twinkly Star

A great minimalist option with a touch of pizazz. This topper, made from metal with 60 twinkly lights, will delight your friends for a movie night or a large soiree. Made by reputable Kurt Adler purveyor of quality holiday décor for over 80 years. 

King Kong

Amazon product

Look out King Kong is stealing the star! Movie fans, and those just looking for a humorous topper, will delight in this unique option. This 10 x 8 inch attention grabber secures itself to the tree easily with some hidden magnets.

Treat yourself or gift this one and get ready to have some fun this year! Made by Tree Buddees well known for well made and humorous holiday décor. 

North Pole Expedition Leather Pennant

North Pole Expedition Leather Pennant

Simplistic, modern and rustic all at once. I can confidently say I have never seen a tree topper like this before. How fun would this be on a tree in an office, tv room, or kid’s room? Handmade and hand painted leather make it truly special. 

Christmas Koala

Christmas Koala

There is nothing more adorable than a stuffed Christmas Koala! Little Cutie! Made from felt this little one stands about 5.5 inches tall and 7 inches across. Ideal for a shorter tree and easily attaches with an included ribbon. Voila! Instant holiday magic. 

Handmade Santa Hat

Handmade Santa Hat

Full and festive! Love the traditional yet modern look of this unique handmade tree topper. At about 12 inches tall and 6 inches wide this is a good choice for most trees under 10 feet. It would look fantastic on a slim or narrow style tree. Complete the look with an assortment of Santa themed ornaments. 

Knit Christmas Crown

Knit Christmas Crown

Amazing! What a unique and fun spin. There are so many tree decoration options to go with this topper. It would look great on a whimsical tree, kids tree, or even a more traditional tree. Handmade from yarn and stainless steel. The base is easy to bend and affix to any tree for stress-free installation. 

Countdown to Christmas LED Snowman

Amazon product

Absolutely adorable! My kids would love this tree topper that’s part calendar, part light projector. Perfect for parents, grandparents or kids at heart. At about 8×7 inches this snowman is a good fit for most trees under 9 feet tall. This one is made by Hallmark so you can be assured of high quality craftsmanship. 



He’s ready to celebrate the season too! Who knows maybe he has some traditions to share. This topper is handmade from steel and stands 10 inches tall (12 inches with the spring that attaches to the tree) and 6 inches wide.

One-of-a-kind rust patina finish that will make him a complete scene stealer! Your guests will definitely do a double-take when they see your tree this year. 

Adorable Plush Gnome Topper

Amazon product

Completely charming. This Gnome will watch over your home from above sitting tall at 22 inches. The legs hang down an additional 9.5 inches making this Gnome the perfect size for 6 foot-12 foot trees.

The hard part will be choosing between the grey or red color options. Featuring a hidden spring on the inside for easy installation and take down. It doesn’t get any simpler than this. If your tree top is narrow you can add some craft foam inside for a more snug fit. 

Rose Gold Wire Star with Lights

Amazon product

Elegant and modern. This one is extra unique because there aren’t a lot of rose gold options on the market.  Beautiful and covered in glitter- it brings the glam. Spanning about 7 ¾ inches, it’s definitely for a smaller tree and comes with an attached coil for easy installation and take down. 

Hand Blown Glass Dragon

Amazon product

Wow! All I can say is wow! This piece is truly unique and absolutely stunning. A fun option for dragon fans or Game of Thrones fans. Hand blown glass dragon and glass tube to attach to your tree. I recommend securing the tube with craft wire and placing it 6 inches from the top of the tree.

Make sure it has adequate support from the branches below and behind. This should help keep it from toppling over. The artist also recommends adding a wooden dowel.

Attach the dowel to the tree and then place the dragon on top and I would attach to that with craft wire. The Dragon is 9 x 6 inches, but stands at 12 inches if you include the glass tube. Great for several tree sizes and widths. 

Rustic Peace Sign

Amazon product

Spread the love this season. This fun and festive topper works well with lots of tree themes and décor colors. Includes an attached brown wire for easy attachment to your tree. You can easily add a battery pack of fairy lights if desired. 

Rainbow with Lights

Amazon product

Bring the sunshine and whimsy with this fun rainbow!  Ideal for trees 9 feet and shorter as the dimensions are 10 inches across and 10 inches high.

Pre-lit and made from plastic so it won’t weigh down the top of your tree. Secure with floral wire or pipe cleaners if you need extra stability. Made by reputable Kurt Adler, purveyor of quality holiday décor for over 80 years.

Santa Mickey Mouse in a Rotating Sleigh

Amazon product

Disney fans rejoice!  This is the one to create a show stopping tree this year and for years to come. Mickey is driving Santa’s sleigh around and around the top of your tree with help from Pluto, the reindeer and Tinker Bell.

Yes, you read that right-it rotates around your tree on it’s own. Amazing! It comes with attachment instructions and includes zip ties for extra security. Made by high-quality holiday company Bradford Exchange – specializing in high end décor for decades. 

Nutcracker Face

Nutcracker Face

This cheery Nutcracker will make everyone smile. What a fun topper for a completely Nutcracker themed tree. Handmade from felt, polyester, ribbon and vinyl this will hold up for years and years of use. Ideal for small and medium size trees at about 10 inches (not including beard) by 6 inches. 

Spinning Gold Star Projector

Amazon product

A ceiling full of lights plus a sparkly gold star! This one will delight the family both young and old. Approximately 9 inches by 9 inches and utilizes LED lights. Images projected up onto the ceiling are various star shapes.

This one stands out with a cone shaped claw clip for sturdy attachment at the top of the tree. This also makes for easy set-up and take down. 

Rattan Rustic Star with Battery Powered Lights

Amazon product

Perfect for a casual or rustic tree. Battery powered and plug-in options available. At approximately 10 inches it’s a good size for any tree about 9 feet or less. 30 warm LED lights on copper wire illuminate this beautiful piece for hours on end. 

Angelic Hand Painted Figure

Amazon product

Simple and stunning at the same time. A perfect blend of traditional and modern. This 12 inch resin painted figure with metal halo will add a classy touch to any tree. The base of the figure is hollow for easy installation. If you need a more secure fit, add a piece of floral or craft foam to the inside.

Gently place or glue inside. Attach to the top branches by gently piercing the foam with a few branches or pierce with floral wire and wrap around the base at the top of the tree. 

Snowman Head with Scarf

Amazon product

Perfect for snowman themed trees or just to add some whimsy to the family tree. At 14 inches (without scarf) by about 8 inches this one will work well on many different sizes of trees. Bonus- the scarf has wire inside so you can position it however you prefer. Made from foam this one is lightweight for completely easy installation. This guy is a keeper! 

Tree Topper Buyer’s Guide

Before you purchase a tree topper this year there are a few things to keep in mind. We’ve covered them all here in this Guide. Take a look and you’ll be well on your way to selecting the best topper for your tree. 


The first item to consider is of course your budget. Keep in mind a range that you want to stay within. There are beautiful toppers across a wide range of price points, so keep searching. 


Keep in mind not only the size of your tree, but also the size of the possible topper you would like. You want to leave at least 6 inches between the topper and the ceiling. It won’t look very nice for the topper to be touching the ceiling and will make your tree, and room, appear smaller than they really are. 

With size also comes weight as well. Keep in mind the weight of the topper and your tree. Make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions for installing that come with the packaging. Store them safely with your topper year to year in case you need them. 

Lights v. No Lights

There are so many options for tree toppers these days. The variety is almost endless. However, two categories are easily recognized; tree toppers with lights and tree toppers without lights. This all comes down to personal preference.

Keep in mind your power source for any options with a plug. You don’t want to run an extension cord down the back of the tree to make it work, so plan in advance. If a battery powered option will work best, you will see some of those on the market as well. 


Another distinction in the market after you have decided on lights v. no lights, is overall style. You can find a tree topper to match almost every home decorating style or theme imaginable. If you’re a fan of Disney, there are a few Disney options out there. Perhaps you’re looking for rustic minimalism, there’s a topper for that. Maybe you’re more glitz and glam, there’s a topper for that as well. 

Keep in mind the style or theme of the tree as well as the room where you will be placing the tree. Both are helpful to direct you toward the right tree topper match. 

Tree Topper FAQs

What is a Christmas tree topper?

A Christmas tree topper is an additional ornament or decoration that is placed at the highest point of the tree. Traditionally this topper is larger than the other ornaments on the tree.

Many families consider tree toppers to be heirlooms and use them for generations. Tree toppers are available at every price point and in a pinch you can make one on your own with craft supplies from around the house. 

What is the most popular Christmas tree topper?

The most popular tree toppers over time have been stars and angels. Each is a part of the Nativity story in the Christian religion. 

What is the meaning of the Christmas tree topper?

The meaning of the topper depends on the topper but traditionally it represents an image of the Nativity story in Christianity. Stars represent the star of Bethlehem and Angels represent the Angels who appeared to announce the birth of Jesus. Each is a part of the nativity story in the Christian religion. 

How do I get my Christmas tree topper to stay on?

This all depends on the topper. If the topper is light weight consider attaching it with a piece of floral wire or a pipe cleaner. Both are pliable and easy to manipulate to secure a small piece.

If you have a large or heavy piece you will want to consider zip ties, craft foam and hot glue. Always attach the topper about 3-6 inches below the top of the tree for support from underneath and behind. 

How do you secure a heavy tree topper?

If you have a particularly heavy or large topper you will want to get some zip ties, craft foam and possibly hot glue or super glue. Identify a location 6-9 inches below the top of the tree.

Look for a sturdy branch for the topper to rest on. Make sure there is adequate support from the branches that will be behind the topper as well. A few branches will likely need to be moved or bent into shape to make the topper fit. 

If needed attach some craft foam to the large piece with super glue or hot glue. Once this has completely dried. Attach the topper and foam to the tree with zip ties for maximum security. 

Who should put the topper on the tree? 

No hard and fast rules here! This one is completely personal preference. Perhaps, you will want to let the youngest members of the family have some fun while being hoisted up high in the air.

Maybe you want to allow an older family member the honor. Or maybe the placing of the topper isn’t a tradition in your household and you simply take turns doing so while decorating the tree each year. 

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