New Easter Candy to Try in 2022

New Easter Candies

Many holidays include celebrations with festive sweets. Christmas, Halloween, and Easter are considered to be the big three candy holidays. Which one has your favorite sweet treats? Maybe you enjoy Christmas candy canes or Valentine’s Day conversation hearts. Halloween also has wonderful bite size treats of all your favorites too. It’s a tough decision.

When Easter comes around, there are many different and unique options for sweets and treats. Some are only available during Easter, while others are year-round favorites in unique Easter shapes like eggs and bunnies.

As a result, sweets brands are try to outdo each other and themselves in their quest to be the most innovative and sought-after treat of the season. This year, there are plenty of new and old favorites to enjoy.

New Easter Candies

Stick with us, we have created a list of new must-have Easter candies to try this 2023.

The Best Easter Candies to Enjoy this Year

You may want to get cracking on some of the well-beloved choices on our list because of their popularity and versatility. A few can be used as decorations or eaten on their own. All of them are excellent choices to use in Easter baskets, to give as gifts, or just enjoy with family and friends.

The Best Easter Candies to Enjoy this Year

1. Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme Eggs


Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme Eggs

These polka-dot candies are just the right fit for the festive season, with their purple, blue, and pink wrapping adding a pop of color. These are made with white chocolate and chocolate cookie pieces, which is a fan favorite. The egg shape makes them perfectly festive to use as décor or to use in Easter baskets.

2. See’s Candies Assorted Eggs

Assorted Eggs from See’s Candies are candies shaped as eggs with a variety of creamy fillings. They are wrapped in festive spring colored wrappers.

The box of six eggs is perfect for gifting or sampling. Two are filled with Bordeaux creamy centers, made of brown sugar and heavy cream. The second two have vanilla chip centers. Finally, the rest have buttery chocolate cream centers. See’s Candies is high-quality sought-after brand that is almost always sold out during the festive season. If you want a brand you can count for quality candy it’s See’s.

3. Butterfinger’s Easter Nesteggs

These candies look just like Easter miniature eggs, only sweeter. If you like crispy, crunchy, peanut-buttery this is the treat for you. We recommend a large bag for sharing with family and friends. Plus, Nestle is a brand you can always count on for high quality ingredients and flavor.

Butterfinger’s Easter Nesteggs

4. Dylan’s Candy Bar Ear-resistible Gummy Kebob

Chocolate lovers don’t get to have all the fun this Easter. Those who love chewy sweet treats are also in luck with this gummy kebob This one looks adorable as part of an Easter or gift basket. Our favorite bit is the adorable gummy bunny on the top. If you aren’t familiar with Dylan’s it’s time to get acquainted with this high-quality purveyor of unique treats! Better yet visit one of their colorful shops for a treat for the eyes as well.

5. Williams Sonoma’s Dutch Assorted Spring Lollipops

Are you looking for more candies to use as part of the Easter decorations? Well, here is one you can use in a decorative jar or dish to double as décor. The lollipops are also excellent for a gift basket. Simple and timeless much like the well reputable William Sonoma Brand.

Williams Sonoma’s Dutch Assorted Spring Lollipops

6. Reese’s Peanut Butter Crème Eggs

Calling all peanut butter lovers! These creamy rich eggs are for you! Grab the traditional crème egg or go for the pieces option. Both are sure to delight your tastebuds or those of the peanut butter fan in your life. You know you can count on Reese’s to deliver a high quality product too. That makes these an easy and fun choice this year.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Creme Eggs


7. Little Stinker’s Bag of Bunny Farts Cotton Candy

Bunny farts may not sound appealing, but they’re sure to bring the giggles to your Easter celebration. Kids will love these bunny farts because of their name, but a pleasant surprise awaits them when they open the bag. A truly sweet light and fluffy treat that is not at all close to the name on the bag. Add a little humor to the holiday this year with this fun addition!

8. Hershey’s Milk Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow Eggs

This candy is marshmallow covered with milk chocolate. We know everyone will love to have one or twenty bites of the candy, so you better get enough to go around. Did we not tell you Hershey’s has some of the best sweets? Little wonder we have more than one option from the brand on our list.

9. Twizzlers Bunnies

Licorice has never tasted better. This bag of candies is licorice with cherry flavor, but the best part is that each licorice is not the usual stick. It is shaped like a bunny. Each one reminds you of the season, and you can chew on them while relaxing. What’s more, have a bag handy for snacking on even after Easter.

Twizzlers Bunnies

10. Peep’s Rainbow Pop

These may be the most adorable pieces to add to your celebration this year. They look like the giant lollipops from Peeps, but you can break them apart for sharing or storing. Save them for later to enjoy alone. We think these look best peeking out of an Easter basket.

11. Godiva’s Milk Chocolate Bunny

Celebrate good times, everyone! Every Easter basket needs a chocolate Easter bunny, so this year make it a luxury experience. Godiva is known for having high-quality and high end candy pieces. Go ahead and spoil yourself or a friend this Easter!

12. Tootsie Rolls’ Candy Coated Eggs

Another familiar name on our list is Tootsie Roll. You may know the brand for having a long stranding quality reputation, and this one is no exception. At first, you will meet a hard shell, but do not be deceived or disappointed. You are about to go on a ride; take a bite past the surface, and you will taste one of the best chewy chocolate fillings ever-tootsie roll!

Tootsie Rolls’ Candy Coated Eggs

13. SweeTarts’ Chick, Ducks, and Bunnies

The sweet and tart taste of the bunny, duck and chick-shaped candies reminds you of the goodness of spring and Easter. What is not to love about the candies or the season? The blend is perfect and works well for those with a sweet tooth. Bonus-these generally come in large quantity bags perfect for filling Easter eggs.

14. Starburst’s Jelly Beans

This is my all time favorite Easter candy. You get a burst of all your favorite Starburst flavors like orange, grape, strawberry, lemon, green apple, and cherry. These have become so popular with an almost cult like following, that the brand has released a bag of only reds too. Another fun option to try this year.

Starburst’s Jelly Beans

15. York’s Peppermint Patties Eggs

Dark chocolate and peppermint are always a dynamite combination. The dark chocolate patties with a peppermint crème filling are the perfect dessert, especially after the delicious meals that are usually part of the Easter celebration. Plus, the candies can act as part of a gift basket if your loved ones enjoy peppermint-flavored chocolate.

16. Sour Patch Kids’ Bunnies

Sour Patch Kids’ are an acquired taste, but work well for this spring holiday. First they taste sour before they become sweet. These candies are excellent for any occasion, as most candies from the brand are. However, they precisely fit the Easter season because the candies come in the shape of bunnies. What a way to liven up the season.

Wrapping Up

That’s a wrap on Easter candy for this year! Grab some of your favorites or try something new to mix it up. Add some pieces that double as décor to your home and stuff those eggs before celebrating with family and friends.

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