How to Decorate for Easter on a Budget

How to Decorate for Easter on a Budget

Each spring Easter comes along and gives us a chance to celebrate in both religious and non-religious ways. Whichever way you celebrate, there will be plenty of fun and family time for all. However, before you can celebrate the season you’ll want to add some festive decorations around the house. If you’re on a budget this can be a tricky time. There seem to be adorable Easter bunnies, eggs, crosses, and wreaths everywhere. What’s a holiday enthusiast to do?!

Stick with us, that’s what. We’ve got some fun and festive ideas for Easter decorations on a budget. These are tried and true methods we use in our own lives to save as many pennies as we can.

Start with our tips to stretch your décor budget and don’t miss our frequently asked questions at the very end for a few bonus tips.


How to Decorate for Easter on a Budget

Tips To Stretch Your Easter Décor Budget

1. Set a Budget

The first and foremost thing you can do is set up a budget plan. Work around your financial circumstances and come up with a fixed amount of money to spend on Easter decorations. After that, make a rough draft of the décor ideas or pieces and allot money to each concept accordingly. For example, if you want a new wreath how much money do you want to spend? If you spend the allotted amount on the wreath how much is left over for other items? Keep working until you have a rough idea.

Next, decide which décor ideas or pieces are most important. If you find the perfect vintage vases for your centerpiece are they worth the majority of the budget? Start with your most desired or needed items first so you don’t blow through your budget without getting what you really need.

2. Shop Sales

The best way to cut down the Easter decoration cost is to shop during sales. After the Christmas and Valentine’s Day hype dies down, the candies and sweets go on sale. This is the perfect time for you to stack up your pantries with sweets that you can use on Easter.

Additionally, most stores put up sales a few weeks before Easter. Keep an eye out at local retailers and online stores. Some sales happen around other major spring holidays such has President’s Day.  These sales are excellent for getting all your decoration and clothing items.

3. Don’t Forget Bargain Stores

You can decorate your house for a fraction of the cost by buying things from your local Dollar Store, Dollar General, or Dollar Tree. It is possible that you might not find everything precisely as you have in mind, but that is not a problem. You can pick up things from the Easter-themed corner and give them a refreshing look that matches your aesthetic.

For example, you can buy inexpensive easter figurines or vases and then spray paint them with a color of your choice. You can arrange them together and throw in some of your current pieces to make a great centerpiece.

4. DIY Crafts

Making DIY decorations at home is the best way to save some bucks and spend quality time with your family. You can get tons of stuff at wholesale rates and transform it into beautiful Easter decorations. Look for fun tutorials online.

5. Raid Your Collection

Take a look around your space. What everyday items can you repurpose for the holiday? Maybe you can add some spring faux florals in a jar or unused pitcher as an updated centerpiece. Do you have a spring wreath? Consider adding some DIY touches to this already existing piece. We’re thinking painted faux eggs, small bows, or a hand painted sign. Consider changing out a current framed photo or art piece with a quick downloadable piece of Easter art. Don’t forget to use any decorations from other holidays as well. Christmas twinkle lights can be festive indoors or out.

Easter Lights and Decorations

6. Easter Eggs

An Easter egg hunt can be one of the most joyful activities of Easter, especially for kids. Many stores and shops raise the price of easter egg dye kits just before the holiday. Consider shopping early for dye kits or buying them a year in advance during the after Easter sale events. That’s also a great time to stock up on plastic eggs.

Already missed the post Easter sales? No worries, many bog box retailers, and bargain chain stores will offer plastic Easter eggs at affordable prices leading up to the holiday. The best time to look? Right after Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day when the new merchandise hits the shelves and retailers want to turn over their products.

You can easily create your Easter eggs at home without a kit too.  All you need are some regular hard-boiled eggs, food coloring, and vinegar. Mix one tablespoon of food coloring with two tablespoons of vinegar and add regular hard-boiled eggs to make your Easter eggs at home. You can mix things up this year and try a fun new way to color eggs using shaving cream or whipped cream too. Each option is fun for the whole family.

Easter Eggs

7. Easter Basket

When decorating for Easter on a budget, you don’t have to go over the top with decorating your easter basket or buying a new one. You can always reuse your Easter basket from last year. To make this work, you will want to invest a basket that can withstand several years of use. Pro-tip: make sure you have room to store your basket(s) without damaging them.

If you do not have the basket from last year, you can take a simple shoebox and cover it with wrapping paper and decorate it with Easter stickers. If you have some paper sacks around the house consider getting crafty and making them into Easter bunny bags. Let your creativity take the lead!

If you’re looking to save room in your budget on Easter basket contents, look outside the Easter aisles. Consider candy in regular packaging instead of more expensive Easter wrappers. Look for used children’s books or non-bunny stuffed animals. Consider adding treats that aren’t Easter themed at all. Does the child in your life like a specific cartoon character? Look for a coloring book, story book, or stickers to add to the basket. Generally, non-Easter themed items will be more cost effective than their Easter counterparts.

If you have a teen consider travel size toiletries, nail polishes, or perfumes that are a fraction of the cost of full size items.

Easter Basket

8. Easter Outfits

Dressing appropriately for Easter does not have to cost a lot of money. To buy new clothes for Easter, forget the regular retailers and hit a thrift store to buy new outfits for kids. You can get new outfits at a minimal cost from such stores.

Final Thoughts

Easter is a joyful season for those who celebrate for religious reasons and those who celebrate for non-religious reasons. Remember, to stick to your budget and start with purchasing items you need the most. Shop off season and think outside the box. Pro-tip: keep in mind that everything doesn’t have to come together this year. When Easter comes back around next year you can consider adding to your décor collection if circumstances allow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make Easter special on a budget?   Work with what you have and remember it’s all about making memories. Play Easter games with items you already have around the house. For example, an egg toss challenge, traditional hunt, or an Easter egg roll. Consider skipping the traditional easter egg dye kit and use shaving cream or stickers instead. Look for fun activities that become family traditions.

Are real eggs or plastic eggs better? This is a tough one and comes down to personal preference. It will greatly depend on how you plan to use the eggs. Check out Easter Showdown Real Eggs vs. Plastic Eggs.

Where can I buy plastic Easter eggs? You can purchase plastic Easter eggs at a number of retailers. Online merchants sell them year round if you’re looking for discounts or out of season rates. If you want to shop local check out your big box, craft, and home or hobby stores starting around Valentine’s Day.

Where can I buy Easter artwork? We love purchasing art from local vendors or searching Etsy. Etsy has a large selection, even out of season. Many artists sell affordable downloadable prints. All you need is a printer and a frame!


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