Fun Easter Games for the Whole Family

Fun Easter Games for the Whole FamilyWithout A Dye Kit

Easter is always a time that brings families together. If you are hosting everyone this year, make sure you have a plan. One fun way to keep everyone entertained, indoors or outdoors, is with fun family games. Give everyone some time to bond while participating in a little healthy completion.

You might be thinking this sounds great, but where do I find these fun for all ages games? Never fear we did our own egg hunt online to search for the most fun and engaging games for your crew this year. These are the best of the best for having an Easter theme, ability to be completed indoors or outdoors, and fun for most ages. All you have to do is select the options you prefer! Quick, simple, and stress free. 

Every game listed is fun and appropriate for children of most ages. The littlest members of the family may need a bit of assistance or the games can be adjusted to suit a younger group. Do what works for you. 

No matter which game you select, your family is sure to have an exciting and memorable celebration this year.

1. The Classic Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter egg hunt is a must-do for an Easter celebration, whether you are a kid on an adult. A race to find all the hidden eggs is always fun. Depending on the age range of your participants, you can vary the difficulty. You can use brightly colored plastic eggs to make them easy to spot for the kids. If you want to make it harder for the adults, you can use decorated eggs that blend into the surroundings.

The Classic Easter Egg Hunt game activity

You can also raise the stakes if your family is particularly competitive. List off the specific eggs your family needs to find. Vary the lists according to what you have hidden so that there will be enough eggs for everyone. This means they have to find specific eggs, not just any egg they come across. For example, person 1 needs to find only eggs with polka dots and person 2 is looking for only solid blue eggs etc. A fun twist on a classic favorite!

Add a Twist

If you want to add a twist to your Easter egg hunt this year, you can turn it into a treasure hunt. Hide plastic eggs in the garden with clues to find the next hidden egg. Depending on how long you want the search to be, have the last egg lead to a hidden treasure of chocolate easter eggs and treats.

Instead of clues, you can also hide puzzle pieces in the plastic eggs that players will have to assemble at the end of the hunt for a grand prize. Always keep in mind to keep it simple and not too complicated. You want each person to have fun without frustrations.

2. Easter Egg Toss

A fun traditional game that an be done in a few different ways. The first thing to consider is if you plan to use real eggs or plastic eggs.

Real eggs are fun because they are dense and some say easier to catch. If you go with real eggs, they will be dropped and can create quite the mess. Real eggs are best for use outdoors only. Don’t forget real eggs also require advance preparation and have a definitive expiration date.

Plastic eggs are fun because they are lightweight and no advanced preparation is needed. They an also be kept and used again and again year after year. The main con for plastic eggs is well, they aren’t real traditional eggs.

Once you have your eggs have players get into teams of two. Have them stand facing each other about 6-12 inches apart. Instruct them to gently toss the egg back and forth. Each time someone catches the egg both partners must take one step backwards. The team that can move the farthest distance apart without breaking their egg is the winner.

Add a Twist

This is a fun twist on the classic game making it similar to a bean bag toss. You will need to decorate a large cardboard box to look like a bunny’s head. It’s not hard; you can just wrap it in plain gift wrap, draw on the face and add some bunny ears. Cut a large hole where the bunny’s mouth is supposed to be. Have players take turns tossing plastic eggs or a small bean bag into the bunny’s mouth. Have the line where they stand move back according to age. For example younger children stand closer and adults stand farther back.

Easter Egg Toss game

After that, set it up in the garden and let everyone attempt to toss easter eggs into the mouth. You can set up a scoreboard to monitor who has the leading score.

3. Bunny Bowling

This game is the same as regular bowling, but the pins look like Easter bunnies. You can draw faces on each of the pins and make the ball look like a giant Easter egg. If you want to make it a bit more complicated, have them use decorated hard-boiled eggs to try and knock the pins over!

Get creative and use plastic cups, toy cones, or decorated soup cans for pins. Make sure whatever you use for the ball is heavy enough to knock over the pins.

4. Egg Pinatas

Who doesn’t enjoy eating candy and chocolate treats on Easter? You will need to either make piñatas that look like giant Easter shapes or you can buy completed piñatas from a local party store or online vendor.

Fill the piñata with Easter-themed candy and chocolates. Find a location to hang the piñata that is low enough for everyone to reach. Make sure your location has plenty of space so no one hits anything with the bat or stick.

Have players, blind-folded or not, and have them take turns hitting the piñata until it breaks open!

Add a Twist

Instead of making a giant piñata, make a few mini-piñatas. You can do this easily by covering a balloon in paper mâché. When the paper mâché has dried, pop the balloon and fill it with sweets. Also, instead of giving the players a stick, provide them with a carrot instead!

5. Eggs on Canvas

This game takes some preparation, but we know you’re up tp the task. Trust us…it’s entirely worth it. You will need some blank canvases, eggs, and paint.

Empty real eggs by making a small hole or carefully cutting a small square into the shell. Once only the shell remains, fill it with a small amount of acrylic or washable paint. Next, use a piece of tape to cover the hole to prevent any spillage.

Lastly, set up the blank canvases outside and have teams of people throwing paint-filled eggs at the blank canvas. As opposed to a game, this is more of a fun activity. Allow your guests to create one large piece of art or something smaller they can bring home. Don’t forget to put down drop cloths or plastic trash bags to protect your property.

6. Egg-cellent Memory

This game is one for the whole crew. It requires matching pairs of decorated Easter eggs and some cups. You can even decorate the cups to look like Easter bunnies – however, they must be identical. Place the Easter eggs under the upside-down cups randomly and shuffle them about to start.

Players can then attempt to find matching pairs by trying to remember their positions. Whoever matches the most wins.

7. Easter Bingo

This is an exciting game that everyone can relish indoors. You will have to either download or make your own Easter-themed bingo cards. An individual will be responsible for pointing out the images on the cards. You can give players jelly beans to use as chips to place on their cards.

Once they have five images in a row, they will have to call out ‘Bunny!’ instead of bingo.

Things to Remember

If you’re the one in charge of the games this year, keep these tips in mind.

Fun Easter Games for the Whole FamilyWithout A Dye Kit

Ensure That You Know How the Game Works

Nothing is worse than getting confused about the rules of the game. Ensure that you are familiar with the game rules if you are running it. You will then be able to explain how the game is played without confusion. However, if you know you will be too busy on the day, ensure that you have a designated game runner.

Get Your Family Involved in the Prep Work

Most Easter games involve preparation beforehand. This gives you an excellent opportunity to get your family involved, and it is a source of great bonding time. In addition, kids have the chance to learn new skills or family traditions that you may have surrounding Easter.

Ensure That Your Games Are Age-appropriate

If you want the whole family to participate, you must ensure that the games you choose are appropriate for everyone. Do not make it too difficult if there are mostly kids who will be playing. Likewise, don’t make it too easy if there are only adults playing. You must strive for the right balance and make sure that everyone is having fun!

You May Not Be a Player

You already know how the game works, and you will most likely be the one hiding stuff or running around setting up the games. This means you will most likely not participate in the games. Nonetheless, keep in mind that you won’t be missing out. You’ll probably be the one to witness all the funny moments along the way. You get to have fun by seeing all your hard work come together.

Final Thoughts

With Easter on its way it’s time to start making your plans. If you wish to change things up this Easter, you can prepare fun family games. These games are guaranteed to keep guests in a festive mood and up and moving. There’s nothing quite like the sound of laughter and the chance to bond with your family over Easter.

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