How To Make a Halloween Wreath

We love spooky season! Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year. Pumpkins sitting on every porch, spider webs adorning windows and doors, and gothic decor everywhere in sight!

It is simply spooktacular.

Not only that, we get to make fun Halloween costumes, eat candy all day, and go trick or treating! Halloween is always a time of year packed with fun.

If you want to have the most trick or treaters coming to your door, make sure the door and surrounding area is adorned with spooky décor.

That doesn’t mean only having the most intricately carved and painted pumpkins. You’ll want to hang a Halloween wreath. Better yet, you can make one of your own!

Think Christmas wreath, but more dark than delightful. With our easy to follow instructions, you can have a ghoulishly good time over the spooky season. 

How to make a Halloween wreath

If you want to make your own Halloween wreath, then there are a few different styles and options that you can try. For the most part, the main thing you need to purchase is either a branch, foam or wire bare wreath to get you started.

Branch wreath:

Wire wreath:

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Spooky Bat Wreath

To make a spooky bat wreath, you will need a branch wreath base. The first step is to spray paint the wreath black, and build it up until it is completely covered. With some all purpose glue, add on some black feathers.

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With some black tulle fabric, create a large bow, and tie around the bottom of the wreath, so that the ribbons of the bow fall down the length of the door when hung.

Using a hot glue gun, attach some plastic bat decorations to the top part of the wreath, and arrange them around the wreath:

Using blank pre-cut wooden shapes you can make a sign. Paint them or leave them blank. Glue the small one on top of the bottom one.

Using a black sharpie pen or sparkly silver sharpie, write ‘Happy Halloween’ and glue the two pieces together. Attach the sign to your wreath and you are done!

Gothic Wreath

For the gothic wreath, you will want a lot of 2 inch thick black ribbon:

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This wreath will have your front porch looking witchy in no time! To do this, all you need to do is cut 150, 6 inch long strips of the 2 inch black grosgrain ribbon.

Then, you will need to fold the strips in half and attach them to a foam wreath with some pins, and layer them up to create a ruffle ribbon effect.

Then, cut out the shape of a witch, bat or Halloween symbol of your choice on some black cardboard paper. You can also use:

Pin the witchy cut out on the middle part of the door, where the wreath will hang. Finally, tie a long piece of the black ribbon into a bow, and leave the ends to hang low, and use a hot glue gun to attach to your wreath.

Hang your homemade wreath up and wait for trick or treaters!

Spider Wreath

For this Halloween wreath, you will need a foam style wreath so that you can wrap it in spider web string:

The first step is to tie six different pieces of white string across the foam wreath to make a spider web. Ensure that you loop each piece of string at the midway point to make the pattern of the cobweb, and repeat the process around the web. 

This is done by tying a long piece of string to the center part, and weave and loop around out from the center to create the spider web pattern. You may want to move the pieces of string up and down to create a more natural, uneven look to the cobweb.

Once you have created your web you will need some white burlap ribbon. Use this ribbon to wrap around the edges and the outside of the foam wreath, and loop a piece of ribbon at the top so that the wreath can hang. Finally, top with some fake spiders for a spooky look.

Ribbon Wreath

If you are more about the treat than the tricks, then why not create a Halloweeny, fall inspired ribbon wreath. All you need is some autumnal ribbon to get started like these ones:

With a wire wreath, you can use these strips of ribbon to wrap around the wreath, in small strips for a mish-mashed effect. You can use a hot glue gun to stick the pieces of ribbon in place, and add some decorations for a fun, Halloween twist.

Loop around the wire wreath, and create a loop at the top for hanging on the door.

With your hot glue gun, you can stick some candy corn decorations onto the wreath for a cute yet Halloween-y touch!

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