How To Create a Halloween Tree

Over the last few years trees for various holidays, other than Christmas, have been growing in popularity. Halloween is one of the most fun holidays to consider for a tree-there are endless decoration possibilities!

If you are a lover of all things Halloween, like many other people out there, then why not start the festivities a little earlier and mark the month of October with a Halloween tree?

This would definitely help to get you in the Halloween spirit.

You could stick to a chosen color theme, draw inspiration from your favorite movie, or even go all out with some DIY decorations.

If you love the idea of putting up your very own Halloween tree, but you are stuck for inspiration, look no further!

We are going to give you lots of different ideas to inspire you.

Choosing a Tree

The first thing that you will need to do if you want to make your own Halloween tree is to purchase a new tree or repurpose an artificial Christmas tree. You will want to think about the size of the tree that you want before you make a purchase and make sure that it will fit in your space.

You could buy a small artificial table top tree and place it on a counter somewhere, or you could go all out and buy a full-sized Christmas tree and decorate it with a Halloween theme.

It is completely up to you what size tree you get, but either way, you can make it look spooktacular. 

How to Make a Halloween Tree

Now that you have your tree selected and assembled, it is time to decorate! Yay! My favorite part! You can invite some friends over and make the decorating process even more fun, or you can do it yourself.

Color Scheme

Do you have a specific color scheme in mind? You could opt for traditional Halloween colors like orange, purple, white and black, but this doesn’t mean you are limited to these colors.

You could also go for a black and white theme, and buy a tree that is black and decorate it with white decorations, or vice versa. If you have a tree with colored branches you could black and white to up the spooky factor. A fun silver, blue, pink or red tree would be really fun.

Pastels are an unexpected option for Halloween. A festive set of pastel pumpkins with black bats would be pretty. You could pair these with a white or black tree.

Another idea when choosing the color scheme for your tree could be to match it with your home decor colors, which is similar to what many people do at Christmas time.

Alternatively, you could have no color scheme at all and put as many Halloween decorations of different varieties on your tree as humanly possible. Easy peasy!


Generally you see lights on the tree at Christmas time, so why not do the same for Halloween? You can purchase some creatively colored lights that match your theme and wrap them around the tree before you decorate it.

If you don’t have a color scheme, then you could also opt for lights that are multi-colored. Alternatively, you could use black or white lights that contrast with the color of the tree itself.

You may even be able to find some lights with fun shapes. There are tons of options for lights of every kind online.

Hanging Ornaments

This is where things get really fun. Many retailers have started bringing out Halloween themed tree ornaments and garlands, which is great news for those who love spooky season.

There are lots of different Halloween ornaments to choose from, which can make it difficult to choose. There are some that coordinate with your favorite movies while others focus on iconic imagery such as pumpkins and bats. If you are a lover of Disney, they have their own décor range that comes in around the Halloween season.

You can also look online for Halloween ornaments and garlands, and you won’t be disappointed with the wide selection that is available on the market. Once you have all of your ornaments on hand, you can start to hang them on the tree to make it look even more boo-tiful.

Under the Tree

It is no secret that at Christmas time everybody puts all of their presents under the tree, and following along with this idea, you could get some bigger Halloween decorations to put under the tree.

You can add a variety of different sized pumpkins, or boxes and wooden crates with fake cobwebs from a Halloween store to make it look more authentic. The possibilities are truly endless, and you can get really creative with this part. 

The Top of the Tree

Now, the top of the tree is definitely the part that helps to make a statement, and if you are creating your own Halloween tree, then you should definitely put something at the top.

This could be anything from a witch hat to a hollowed-out plastic pumpkin to a skeleton head, and there are lots of different Halloween themed props that could be perfect for the job. Some are available online, but many may need a little DIY to attach to the tree.

Tips for Making a Halloween Tree

Some of the best results will come with a little patience, so try to slow down when you are decorating and don’t get too caught up in the moment. Decorating your Halloween should be a fun experience, and not a stressful one.

The tree doesn’t have to be perfect. If you are someone who strives for perfection in everything that they do, maybe you should create a decorating plan before you get started. (You probably already thought of that!)

Have fun and enjoy your new spooktacular tree!

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