What to Do With Leftover Easter Eggs?

What to Do With Leftover Easter Eggs

Often, it can be confusing to decide what to do with leftover Easter eggs. While a few eggs may not be a problem, many leftover eggs may become a problem for you. You should consider the lifetime of your eggs. Some people buy their eggs way before Easter and will most likely refrigerate them. Since the eggs are refrigerated, they will still be safe and edible even if they pass their “expiry” date.

Another way of deeming your Easter eggs good as leftovers is by cooking them. Even when stored in the fridge, boiled eggs do not last as long as raw ones. It is best to consume boiled eggs within two hours of cooking. You may want to hard-boil your eggs to last for a week in the fridge. So, the bunny left a lot of eggs, and Easter is over; what do you do with leftover Easter eggs? Here are some great ideas.

What to Do With Leftover Easter Eggs

1. Freeze Leftover Easter Eggs

Refrigeration is a tested food preservative. It doesn’t matter if your Easter eggs are raw or not. You can always freeze them, especially if you want to eat them later. Your eggs will be okay in the fridge for almost a week, which means you get to try new recipes for that period. However, please do not put eggs on the fridge door when storing eggs in the fridge. Please place them in the coldest area in your fridge. Exceeding a week means they are not fit for consumption any longer. Moreover, you should only freeze easter eggs you decorated with food dyes. If you use inedible dyes, it is much better to throw the eggs away.

Freeze Leftover Easter Eggs

2. Donate Leftover Easter Eggs

You can do this the same day you decorated the eggs, and it is still a great idea if you have the time. Many people need those leftover eggs, and there is no point in throwing them away when others could make use of them. This idea is also more appealing if your eggs are “chocolate.”

Donate Leftover Easter Eggs

You can donate leftover eggs to the homeless, local older people’s homes, kids’ hospitals, and other people you think may need them. You can also regift your eggs on the same day. However, you will have to ensure that you won’t need the eggs you are regifting later. Moreover, if you ask around or do a local search, you may find organizations that accept easter eggs donation. That can help you get rid of those excess eggs lying idle in your home.

3. Discover New Egg Recipes

If you have a lot of leftover eggs and some time on your hands, then this is a great time to try new recipes that you didn’t even know existed. Your frozen leftover easter eggs will come in handy in your cooking in the few days after Easter. You may get tired of peeling and eating the eggs, so you should make them into food. You can chop the eggs to make an egg salad, and another thing is blending them to make pancakes or egg cupcakes and brownies. Your brownies may even be a two-ingredient if you have leftover chocolates too.

4. Feed Leftover Easter Eggs to Pets

This option is excellent if you have pets. Pets love food, and there is no harm in them getting extra nutrients and proteins. You can as well look around you for stray animals. Stray animals are often hungry, and you can cook up something with your leftover eggs to feed them. They get food for the day, and you relax knowing you don’t have any leftovers.

Feed Leftover Easter Eggs to Pets

Final Thoughts

It is not a big deal to have leftover Easter eggs; it just means that you have a constant egg supply over the next few days. You can do anything you want with them.

There are numerous things you can do with your leftover Easter eggs. Remember that an egg’s life is short, and you cannot possibly save them until the following year. You need to decide what to do with leftover Easter eggs before they go off or spoil.

While eating them is the easiest way out, tons of recipes can help you eat them in a more fun way. Also, if you’ve had the eggs for a long time before using them for Easter, you should try to find out if they are still safe for consumption before trying to save them. There is no point in reusing or keeping eggs that are no longer edible.

Finally, reflect on why you got so many leftovers this year. If you are the type that is not comfortable with having bits or wasting food, you should try something else next year.

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